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Because of the rise in popularity of all things "Paranormal" resulting from the romance given to it by various "reality" shows, we must emphasize the problems that come with popularity. The first concern is always fraudulence. Thieves know very well to jump onto bandwagons to find new targets. Secondly, we have serious concerns regarding the quality and legitimacy of most paranormal investigators, even those with good intentions.

A solid look at the following six areas will help you decide which group is best for you.

1. Scientific Approach

While most groups tout the claim of being "scientific," further investigations into these claims show that this is not the case. Most of these other groups have no concept of what the scientific method entails. They will often decide that a location is haunted and then look for evidence to support this conclusion. This flawed approach often results is generating more fear and discomfort for the client.

We go in with the intention of discovering the source of the activity whether it be "paranormal" or not. Most often, we discover very mundane sources and can educate the client and help them feel safe again.

It is extremely important to have enough equipment to properly document any given area. We have more equipment than any other group in the region. Each member could practically be considered a paranormal investigation team in their own right.

We are also all heavily trained and cross-trained on the proper use of the equipment.

2. Training

Most groups tend to have their members specialize in one or two areas of investigation and research. What do you do when your photo specialist is sick?

Most groups also tend to view their equipment as "ghost detectors." There is no such thing.

To properly use the most commonly utilized equipment in paranormal research, you must first understand what the equipment was originally designed for in the first place. None of it was designed to find ghosts, so how can its use be adapted for our needs? Most often, the equipment is best used to discover the mundane cause of the reported activity.

One very frustrating aspect of this problem is the infestation of bad photography that is spreading like a virus on the internet. Any group that displays orbs, vortexes, mists, streaks, or any of various other easily explainable effects of the bad use of a camera, run. Run, don't walk, run. This also applies to recordings of EVP's that they have to TELL you what it says before you listen to it. Don't be a victim of their stupidity.

3. Credentials

In your quest to find a paranormal research/investigation team to help you with your situation, do not be impressed with long titles, certifications, and other self-engrandizment.

Contrary to popular belief and the sheer number of "ghost hunter" classes available, there is no such thing as a "Certified Paranormal Investigator" or "Certified Ghost Hunter."

In terms of other popular titles in this industry, the obtainment of titles such as Dr. or Minister are incredibly easy and often only require a cash payment to obtain over the internet.

Another popular title is "Demonologist." This only refers to one who studies demonology and does not connote expertise. The title is virtually meaningless when it comes to paranormal research and investigation but certainly sounds cool and important. However, having a deep knowledge of world religions and related subjects can be very valuable for client counseling and education.

4. "Other" Practices

The use of dowsing rods, pendulums, Ouija boards, tarot cards, Frank's boxes (Telephone to the dead), and other divination methods are highly dangerous. This is not meant in a sense that it will open a portal to the gates of Hell, but dangerous to the psychology of the investigation and the client. These are tools that are not proven to be of any use in an investigation or any public demonstration. The main use of divination tools is for personal development and entertainment.

In the rare instance that we cannot find a mundane explanation (this is not to say that one does not exist) in an investigation, we look to other methods to bring comfort to the client. This can entail counseling, cleansings, and other "alternative" methods. This is extremely rare but also very effective.

5. Claims That Cannot Be Backed Up

Be aware that many in this field use claims such as "we are working with the police to solve cold cases."

This claim is just not true. Anytime ANYONE brings information to an old case that is obtained through "alternative" means, they become a SUSPECT in the case.

There has never been a case in any police department on record that was solved because of the help of a psychic. Never.

We actually have contacts with the Cold Case division of the a local police department and they have verified that no psychic is, or ever has been, helping with any case.

6. Pricing

This is NOT a field where "you get what you pay for." This is an unproven area and no one with good conscience should ever charge you anything.

We cannot tell you that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that your house is haunted. We cannot, beyond a shadow of a doubt, prove that a demon is living in your attic. We cannot, beyond a shadow of a doubt, tell you that you will never experience anything unexplainable again after we leave. We will never remove your belongings from your house because it was possessed and we need to bury it. Know that there are those out there that have growing "Paranormal Museums" in their own homes from things they have taken from client's homes.

We never ever charge for our services.

In closing, we encourage you to look closely at the other teams out there and keep these things in mind. Don't just take our word for it, after all, we wouldn't want you to take their word for it!

Calling a paranormal research group for help can possibly be a huge event in your life. If you needed heart surgery, would you just call the first surgeon you found in the yellow pages?

Education is extremely important when dealing with this dangerously unregulated field.

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