Ghost in the Little White House

When I was 16 years old my family moved into a home that was built in the 1920's.  Nothing really extraordinary occurred the first few years we lived there except the bedroom my sister and I shared was always freezing cold and no one could explain it.  My parents had several heating and air conditioning technicians to the house to try and determine the cause of the extreme cold, no one could find anything wrong.  Later we found out a woman had died in the room.  Also, always the basement of the home had a very eerie feel to it, as if you were being watched the whole time you were down there.  No one in the family wanted to go down there for any extended period of time, but nothing really weird started happening until a few years later when my sister, who was divorcing her husband moved back into the home with her 2 small daughters.

Once she moved in very bizarre things started to happen.  Lights would go on and off by themselves.  The TV would turn on in the middle of the night when everyone was in bed.  Things would be moved from their original places.  A mirror cracked spontaneously in the bedroom where my sister and I had shared when we were living there and now where my niece's slept.  My 2 year old niece began talking about "the beautiful lady who would come to my room to talk with me".  She said this "beautiful lady had no feet".  Then the most terrifying thing of all happened.....

One night my sister was in the house alone, her 2 daughters were spending the weekend with her ex-husband.  She had just come home from being out with friends and had gone to her room and gotten into bed.  She stated that she had no sooner turned off the lamp next to her bed when she stated she felt "a presence in the corner of the room that was  evil and threatening".  She said she could not see this presence, but could feel it and it was terrifying.  She was literally paralyzed with fear and could not even move to turn on the light.  She said all she could do was pray to God.  She started reciting Psalm 23 "the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want..." she said that as she was repeating the scripture she could feel the evil energy in the room begin to dissipate.  Finally she was able to jump up out of the bed and ran into another room of the house where she sat up all night, too scared to go back to bed. The next day she called a minister friend to come over and bless the house.  Things seemed to improve after that, but weird things still occurred which would take too long to list, but needless to say my family and I are convinced that something supernatural was going on in the little white house.

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