"I just saw someone walk by"

I have lived in my house for at least 25 years,the house is older than that but I dont have any info. on it's past history,however it all started years ago when I was atleast 16,I was the only family member home at night,invited a friend over to watch a movie in the living room,we have a pretty big house and the down stairs goes in a complete circle,so to the right of the living room is the drafting room,all the light were off in the house except the room that we were watching the movie and for no reason he looked towards the drafting room and said "I just saw someone walk by,"of course I blew it off,then I had another friend over to watch a movie under the same circumstances and he also looked towards the drafting room and said the same exact thing which started to freak me out even.My friend decided he want to leave after that,he was too freaked,he didn't even want to walk past the upstairs cause it was dark but thats the only way to get to the front door.Things dont happen often here but when it does it doesn't make since.Years later I had a shirt hanging up on a closet doorknob,later on I went upstairs to my room and it was on the floor,the odd thing about it was that most the time when cloths fall the wrinkle but my shirt was laying flat with the hanger in it still hmmmm.I tried telling my mother about it  and of coure she didn't want to believe it,untill this past year of 2003 when she came home from work and noticed a lot of her shoes were lined up in the same direction on her night stand,she thought it was my son who is 2 and loves to line things up like that but I dont let him into anyones room when they are not home.My mother left them there that day but when she came home there was one more shoe lined up with the rest(wierd),she believes me now that there is something here with us.On another occasion I was resting in my room,and I got up to get something to eat,but when I woke up the was a man there but I couldn't see all of him,I just saw  a man with white hair,black jeans and a jean shirt,of course I jumped but then he was gone ,never been so scared in my life however haven't seen him since I guess thats a good thing huh.

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