The Vortex

The vortex photograph is supposed to be the image of a spirit manifesting, A tunnel to the afterlife or another dimension, The energy of a Demon that is holding the spirit of a small child hostage at the location.

This type of image has become popular recently and has the same origins in bad photography that Orbs and Ectoplasm share. The need to find paranormal explanations for misunderstood images leads people into looking past the mundane explanation and finding a unreasonable paranormal explanation instead.

The real explanation for the image is similar to the explanation of Ectoplasm and Orbs. The object that is in the image is very close to the front of the lens and when the flash on the camera is fired, it causes the object to wash out and is usually out of the depth of field so the object is not easy to identify.

The vortex can be caused by many different things in front of the camera. Such items include; The Camera's strap, The photographers hair, The photographers clothing, The photographers jewelry, other people or items directly in front of the camera.

A camera strap
This image of a Vortex shows the bright column that was not seen when the photographer was taking the image.
The image is actually just the camera strap that is directly in front of the lens. If you look closely you can see the texture of the material of the strap. Sometimes you can see the color of the cloth too.

Ooooh a Ghostly camera strap
This is another great example of a camera strap.

A hairy ghost

This image was submitted to us as something that the photographer was terrified of. They were concerned that they had major paranormal activity in their home.

We explained to them that the image is actually nothing more than the photographers hair that had dropped into the view of the camera.

These types of image are common on the internet and people need to understand what the images are really of. We need to understand how to use equipment properly before we can claim to be paranormal researchers.

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