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An Open Letter To The World

Over the past year and a half, Denver has had the uncomfortable burden of being thrust into the world headlines because of one man. This man is Jeff Peckman.  

During this time Denver citizens should have suffered great embarrassment.  Instead, they have laughed along with the world because they thought that the laughter was directed at Peckman only. They were wrong. The world has been laughing at Denver, for Peckman claims to their representative.

Peckman has worked hard to get an initiative on the August 2010 City Of Denver Ballot. This initiative aims to create a committee that will ‘prepare Denver for contact with extraterrestrials.’

The now infamous ET Commission was originally inspired by a hoax; an unconvincing piece of footage showing a phony alien peering into a window.

Peckman’s proposed initiative makes bold declarations such as:

The People of the City and County of Denver hereby declare that:
The presence of extraterrestrial intelligent beings and extraterrestrial vehicles on Earth, and within Earth’s atmosphere, has been confirmed by credible evidence, official government documents, and whistleblowers formerly working for the U.S. Government and government contractors;
Where is this credible evidence? Where are these official government documents? Who exactly are these whistleblowers?

Peckman has not and will not address these questions. If we vote in favor of the initiative, we are “declaring” that all of this is just simply the truth.   

The purpose of this letter is not to examine the document point by point. The objective is to express that Peckman’s ideas are not representative of the citizens of Denver.

Peckman needed approximately 4,000 signatures to get the initiative on the ballot.  However, during the first year of the campaign he was only able to acquire about 10% of that number.  

In his desperation to meet the shortfall of signatures, he started emotionally bribing the people by offering to donate a dollar to charity for every one received. When that ploy failed, he purchased the remainder from a company that “acquires” signatures for ballot initiatives.

In this way, Peckman obtained over 10,000 signatures.  However, 60% of those were invalidated. Surprisingly, he still squeaked by with just enough signatures.   

In Peckman’s own words, the truth is lost:

Over 10,200 signatures total were filed with the Denver Elections Division on Sept. 4. 2009 and Nov. 2. The City Clerk and Recorder confirmed on Nov. 30 that the required 3,974 valid signatures had been exceeded which qualified the the ETA Commission initiative for the August 2010 ballot in the next citywide election.

If this initiative were to pass, Denver will suffer. The stigma will ensure that the city will be overlooked for business opportunities, and damage the city’s credibility.

Of course, this ridiculous proposal would never pass, right?

The problem is that most Denverites feel this issue is a joke and are ignoring it.  If the people continue their silence, the few supporters will be the deciders.  

Peckman and his ‘little green people’ are not representative of the people of Denver.

Now the people have spoken.

Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society