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Investigation into reported paranormal activity at a private home

We were contacted by XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX because of ongoing events in her home that seemed to be paranormal in nature.

  The living room
Reported Activity:

Just after moving into the home, they smelled what they describe as cigarette smoke at the base of the main stairs leading to the 2nd floor. Footsteps on the main stairs. Seeing shadows moving around the entire home. Multiple people reporting being bumped by something that was “not there”.

During the Halloween 2006 season, they had lights on the front of the home, they would always unplug the lights to make sure that there were no electrical problems. On several occasions the lights would be found plugged back in again.

During the same Halloween season XXXXX and her grand daughter both heard what they say sounded like a party in the kitchen of the home. There was nobody in the kitchen. XXXXX’s granddaughter has reported seeing “Shadow people” In the basement there is a room that has been

converted to a play-room for the grandchild.

XXXXX noticed a noise coming from the room and when she investigated she discovered that there was a toy cash register that was making the noise. The toy had never worked before. She attempted to remove the batteries from the toy but discovered that it is solar powered so she could not.

When the events first started happening she went to her church they recommended that she go to each location in the home that she was having problems in and pray, and tell whatever was in the home to leave her alone. While she was walking through the home praying, she went into the toy room and says that she heard what she describes as a “Loud growl” and then the toy cash register said “Thank you for shopping…. Good Bye.”

Dining RoomThe Dining room
At this point she contacted Psychic XXXX and according to her XX said that there are the spirits of 2 children, a man who choked to death after lung cancer, the spirit of a mentally disabled woman ( the one who growled at her). A lady that owned the sewing machine cover that she now has, as well as several more. She contacted T.A.P.S. and has had XXXXX XXXX to the home and states that she has had several “Class 5” E.V.P.’s and that they were able to get more re-cordings than in any other home that they had been in. XXXXX says that she worked with XXX on the phone and that they “released” the spirit of the mentally ill woman that was in the toy room as well as the man who choked to death. She said that XX explained that the house is basically a Portal and the energy cannot be stopped but the bad entities have been removed. We talked to XX XXXX and she said that she has worked with XXXXX and that she cannot do a lot because of the dis-tance that she has to work. She stated that the home is most likely having some is-sues but there is no way to tell without going there what is actually happening. She says that she does not like to use the word “Portal” because she does not like that use of the word. She stated that she does think that there is activity in the home in the kids play room as well as the main bedroom. Other than that she stated that she did not really have any information about the activity. 

BedroomThe Master Bedroom

While we were in communication with XXXXX she contacted XXXX. for a second opinion.

They came out for an initial interview and told her that there was a “Portal” that needed to be closed. They scheduled a time to come out and do an investigation and a “Sealing of the Portal”

After the first investigation was done XXXXX said:

The investigation with XXXXX was Sat.April 14. They spent about 8 hours get-ting video and audio. Stacie called me Sunday 15 April and told me that every member of their team to include the techs. experienced something. As far as the portal goes they could not seal it completely as they believe there are roads leading into the main portal so there is more to work do. I don't under-stand all of this so I have to go on what I am told. I will let you know what they get when we have the reveal. I really think you will be surprised at what activity is left even though part of the portal was sealed. There are so

  Camera on the stairsmany souls who will remain here for one reason or another. A lot of children I am told (ac-cording to the EVP's that XXXXXX got.)”

She sent an e-mail later updating us:

“There is still a lot of activity. Not so much whispering but other noises. The Portal has not been sealed because there are roads leading into it. That is what I have been told. You will get a lot of EVP's.”

Then: “XXXXX is still working on the evidence.About 4 1/2 hours worth. Couldn't close the Portal so that doesn't come into playing your investigation. I am being told there is video as well as numerous EVP's. I haven't sat down with them yet but will let you know how the reveal goes. Is it possible to have your sensitive come in the night before?Whatever works for you”

And then: “ I had been sensing two new spirits,young men or teenagers, that needed to get a message through so I asked XXXX and XXXX from XXXXX to come back & see what they could sense. We went into the toy room and sat on the floor. Almost immediately XXXXXX felt the presence of a young man named Joseph and another named Erik. Both had died in alcohol related accidents. When she asked them to show a sign of their presence the DVD player in the toy room immediately started to buzz almost in a Morse Code. She would ask a question and they would respond using the DVD Player. There were no cell-phones, the lights were out, and the DVD player and TV were turned off. It was quite amazing. When we left the toy room and went into the computer room XXXXXX turned the TV on to a "snow channel" to see if we could get more response.

As we were talking a white flash came from the toy room and when we went in there we found they had turned the TV off (that is what the flash was). So there is a lot of activity in the house.No portal has been closed and when a medium/sensitive is presence there is a lot of contact. We stirred things up a bit. Do you have a K-II meter? I ordered one for me so there will be one here to use. “

Property information:

XXXXXXXXXXXXX Littleton, CO 80123



Year built: 1972

Parcel ID: XXXXXXX Design: Split-level Features:

1 Full Bath 1 Fix Bath 1 ¾ Bath 1 Evaporative Cooler 1 Fireplace 3 Bedrooms

Sq Footage:

Attached Garage – 462 Enclosed Porch – 180 Bsmt – 576 First Floor – 972 Second Floor – 676


08/23/1973 $29,000 to unknown owner 11/09/1977 $49,500 to XXXXXX 06/25/1979 $71,000 to XXXXXX 06/17/1994 $178,000 to current owners

Previous activity:

After researching the history of the location we have been unable to find any other re-ported activity, deaths or other possible rea-sons for a haunting.

We contacted XXXXX three days before the investigation to verify times and what we would be doing during the visit. XXXXX replied:

That sounds good to me. My husband is pretty patient and he will be going up to the neighbors to drink his scotch and relax. XXXX I got a lot of EVP's and about 43 instances of doors closing,footsteps, knocks and assorted other bumps in the night. They got a lot of noise during their remotes. Nothing on film, my ghosts are cam-era shy. Some odd readings from the back yard. EMF's? You can figure it out. Their sensitives got a whole lot of interaction but my ghosts wanted me here so your idea is a good one. You will get an enormous amount of EVP's so be prepared. you can bring as many sensitives as you want. My daughter and I will be able to contact and feed off your sensitive. Seems to work quite well. We are not trained enough to get all the messages on our own. I will try and tell you what I am feeling are here. I usually can pick up when they are here and am really good with names but I need help. I am anxious for you to come a experience my home.It will amaze you. See you Sat. at 6:00.

Living room

On-site investigation:

We arrived at the location at 6:00 and met with XXXXX and see if there was any new activity as well as start the on-site investigation.

She also had her neighbor and neighbors daughter present for the investigation.

Members Present:

Bryan Bonner

Carol Olivacz

Matthew Baxter

Viki Heikka

Kevin SampronBrian Scheltz

Kate Scheltz

Greg Robinson (A sensitive that we asked to come along because of the other “Psychics”that had visited the location)

We started setting up the equipment at 7:00 and completed the setup at 8:00.

Equipment used & Locations

3 - Sony Handicam 8mm Video recorders attached to remote monitors. One camera was placed in the dining room facing the 1st floorliving room area. One camera was placed at the top of the 2nd floor stairs looking into the 1stfloor living room area. One camera at the end of the basement hallway looking towards the stairs, this camera was moved to look in the Computer room 1/2 way through the evening.

2 - Remote thermometers. One placed in the Master Bedroom. One placed on the 1st floorDining room table.

1 - Cell Sensor E.M.F. Meter. Located in the Toy room and left on to find E.M.F. changes.

1 - Tri-Field meter. Used throughout the location to measure electrical activity.

2 - Natural Tri-Field meters. Used throughout the location to measure electrical activity.

1 - Apple i-Mac w/mAudio analog to digital converter and Yamaha analog audio mixer used with 3 microphones located in the 1st floor living room, the top of the 2nd floor stairs and the top of the basement stairs.

1 - Sony digital voice recorder. Placed on the table in the 1st floor living room.

1- Nikon D-70 Digital camera. Used throughout the location to document the area.

1 - Sony DSC-F828 Digital camera. Used throughout the location to document the area.

1 - Apple i-Mac with mAudio analog to digital converter, and 2 microphones. 1 Microphone located in the Toy room. One microphone located in the Master Bedroom.

2 - Macintosh Laptops w/2 - EyeTV receivers and 2 video cameras. One camera located in the Master Bedroom. One camera located in the Toy room.

3 - Sony Digital voice recorders. Moved around the location throughout the location.

1 - Digital Tri-field meter used to document electrical fields in the location.


View of the “Toy Room” from the closet

While setting up the equipment baseline readings were taken.

It was noted that in the back yard the E.M.F. from the underground power line/Cable TV was very high (15-25 milligaus) and has an odd re-flection that occurs at a focus point that is aproximately 5-7 feet above the ground. This field is unchanging and caused by the under-ground wiring.

The home has consistent high E.M.F. readings. The main floor and the second floor both show major unshielded wiring along the walls as well as a high field in the closed patio area because of the main electrical panel and meter being locate indoors. The basement has several areas that have extremely high E.M.F. that seems to be wiring that was changed during remodeling of the basement. The Toy room has consistently high (10+ milligaus) from 5 feet above the floorall the way to the ceiling. All of these fields were found to be naturally explainable.

E.M.F. readings were taken at predetermined locations throughout the house at 45 min intervals and there was no significant change during the evening.

E.M.F. Readings in the Master bedroom did not exceed 1 milligaus and did not change more than .5 milligaus.


Temperature readings:

The temperature in the home was a steady 7072 degrees throughout the evening. The only change was in the patio area where we located the equipment for monitoring.

Visual phenomena:

There was no visual phenomena seen during the evening either in the still or video imagesAudio phenomena:During the evening there were a few oddsounds ( Bumps, Knocks ) but they did not occur with any other recordable phenomena.

During the evening XXXXX and her neighbor that was present went to the basement Toy room and tried to communicate with what they had talked to before.

They used the K-II meter that had been suggested by XXXXX and when they were using it they said that they had previously and now were getting responses on the lights of the meter when asking questions. They tried to ask questions and use the meter while the meter was on the floor and not being held and there was no reply. It was determined that the meter is subject to static electricity that is cause when the person holding the device moves slightly, as well as the on/off switch being a momentary switch instead of one that will lock in the on position, this can cause random readings due to the pressure from the finger of the user.

We were given a copy of the E.V.P session that was initially conducted, however due to the constant talking of the people involved it is impossible to determine if the voices in questionare of the people present or not.

XXXXI gave XXXXX a copy of their E.V.P. recordings. however both copies of the CD are unreadable in any computer. She did say that when she heard them with XXXX the recordings were “not very good” and that they were not really easy to make out.

Toy RoomView of the “Toy room” from the door

Base station

The equipment set up in the patio


We did not find any “Evidence” to conclude that the location had any activity while we were at the location. This is not to say that there is no activity but while the investigation was being conducted, nothing was recorded.


The Toy Room has been the main focus of both the prior investigators as well as XXXXX. Due to the extremely high levels of E.M.F. in the room, it is a possibility that two factors may explain some of the phenomena.

The entire home has areas with continuous elevated Magnetic Fields, this has been reported to cause odd effects on the human brain. There has been scientific correlation between high levels of E.M.F. and reported sensory phenomena. The effects that have been reported range from A Ghostly presence, A religious experience, An Alien abduction & A feeling of being watched. The reported effects were generally based on the background and expectation oft he people involved in the study.

Due to the high E.M.F. fields it is possible that the potential exists for the person who is looking for a “Paranormal” explanation may actually witness one.

The electrical issues that have been reported inthe Toy room ( Toy talking, DVD player making odd sounds) may have a scientific explanation.With the E.M.F. fields as high as they are in the room, there is a possibility that when a person isin the room the Magnetic field is changed by either absorbing or reflecting the energy and causing electrical devices that have switches that are electrically active even when the devices not on, to act erratically.

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