I was about 15, and me and my friends were talking about paranormal stuff. So, my friend jessy had the idea to get an ouija board. I wasn't much of a believer at the time. So at midnight, we did the candles and the incense. I was plainly watching in disbelief. Not much really happened. After that 2 of my friends went home. Me and jessy were smoking a cigarette when we heard a loudish soft scream coming from my room. So we got up and looked in. There was nothing so we passed it off as our heads making up stuff. Then, I went to the bathroom and the left wall of the bathroom was dark like a shadow. I backed up and called for jessy and he ran to me. He looked and closed the door. We walked back into the living room and I asked jessy if he shut the lights off and he said no. So I turned them on and there were 4 shadows by my parents room standing in a circle. We ran to my room and the walls were covered in shadows. We ran out the front door. We didn't come back till morning. Now.. every now and then, I feel something watching me and touching the back of my arm. After that day, I always believed.

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