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Platte Canyon High School
Platte Canyon High School Husky  Platte Canyon High School  Platte Canyon High

The Legend:
In the storage room above the gym, a faculty member that hanged himself was found by students. It was later determined that he had assaulted a 14 year old freshman girl just before committing suicide. Ever since then, students and faculty members have reported hearing strange footsteps, lights flickering, and weird moaning sounds. They all seem to occur in the storage room. (Courtesy of The Shadowlands)

The area:
Bailey is in Park County, in the Denver-Aurora metro area.
The community was named for Ann and William Bailey, settlers

The school:
57393 U. S. Highway 285
Bailey, CO 80421

Originally built in 1958. A new addition was added in 2000.

The investigation:
We were contacted by the school to help determine the authenticity of the reported paranormal activity in the high school.

The story of the assault and suicide has reached "urban legend" status in the town. It seems that everyone knows the story and the actual story has been lost in history. However there are several people that currently have had experiences that seem to lend credibility to the story.

Platte Canyon
                  High School Gym
The gym where reported activity has happened.

One of the current janitors has reported that he has seen " Things moving " from the corner of his eye sight.
Another employee has reported items being placed in the middle of the "B" Gym after cleaning the area. The item was a hair brush that was not in the room when they left the area previously.

Employees and Students have reported seeing shapes of people moving , hearing sounds like moans, footsteps & people talking from the attic area.

East Attic Platte Canyon High School
The Attic area that suicide reportedly took place.

Attic hallway
                  in Platte Canyon High School

The hallway leading to storage in the attic.

Ginger writing report
The Attic area has a double door that drops off to the Gym floor below.
This is one of the places that witnesses have reported seeing shapes moving in the Attic.

Looking down from the attic at Platte
                      Canyon High School
A view down the stairs from the attic.

We were joined at the school by Joyce ( A parent ) and 3 students.

Before the investigation started we documented the area and ran baseline E.M.F. readings both in the Attic area, the A & B gyms, the front hallway and the pool area.

Main hallway at Platte Canyon High
The front hallway of the school that leads to the Gym.  
Swimming pool at Platte Canyon
                  High School                                                                                                                         The swimming pool room

While taking baseline readings it was noted that in both the A & B gyms there were unusual random E.M.F. readings. These readings were very brief ( 5-30 seconds) the reading would increase approximately 1.5 - 4 milligaus. This was not during a time with any other reported activity but was not caused by something that could be found in the area. The locations of the readings were at the entrance to the B gym and near the middle of the back wall in the A gym. We could not come up with any reasons for the odd readings.

Carol at the base station at Platte Canyon High
After the equipment was set up to start monitoring the attic area we stopped because several people noticed what sounded like footsteps coming from the middle of the gym where we had set up the monitoring equipment. This sound was heard by 6 of the people present.

Monitoring the attic at Platte Canyon
                        High School
We started monitoring the attic area by using the remote monitoring equipment as well as a minimum of two people to monitor the area. During monitoring times all people present remained completely quiet and still so as not to interfere with the results.

The equipment used was 2 Infra red cameras, two digital audio recording microphones (recording directly to CD) Temperature sensors, 2 Infra red lights, and hourly sweeps of the E.M.F. fields.

Throughout the night we rotated teams of people through the room to witness and bait the attic area. During a time while Richard and Joyce were in the room they both noticed the sound of something moving in the room and they also both reported seeing a " light in the corner", however it was not seen on the video monitors.

We noticed that when the team in the attic included Richard or any of the 3 students the noises would increase in activity, however anytime that Bryan would go into the area the activity would stop.

The temperature dropped during the night but this was due to the outside temperature and was normal for the conditions.

The investigation started at approximately 10:00 and lasted until 4:00 am. This was on the night of a daylight saving time change so we actually had 1 hour longer for the investigation.

The reports of the assault and suicide have not been confirmed, however after further investigation it is very possible that the story is true.

The Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society would like to thank the Students, Teachers (Mr. Otteson) and Parent (Joyce) for the help and access for this investigation.

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