Park Haunting

I live here in Westminster, Co. I have encountered haunted places before this
but never anything quite like this, I moved to the neighborhood located just
west of 92nd and Wadsworth behind the Texaco in 1997 Oakborough a huge park
that runs with soccer, baseball fields and a bike path goes all the way from
Wadsworth to Standley Lake, when I first moved here I had to walk through the
park to get to the convenience store, the start of the park has a dirt path
that later adjoins the concrete main path, the dirt path and the picnic
benches have never been a place I'm fond of having to walk through due to the
very old and large tree's that grow very high, in summer the leaves make a
kind of ceiling of vegetation that makes one feel nervous as well as the fact
there’s no lights on that part of the path, there’s always a feeling of
someone in the tree's watching you, my first experience was here where I saw
an almost neon blue orb hovering in the bed of the creek it moved slowly on
an even horizontal path and then disappeared, this would have been enough for
me but the spirits were only starting, the other side of the first park runs
up to Lark Bunting street where a circa 1960's church stands on the corner,
the undeveloped field area directly behind the church is the most significant
haunting area as I found while cutting through the field on the way to a
party it was the middle of summer with everything in full bloom as I started
off the path I got a very uneasy feeling of something being angry towards me,
suddenly about 30 yards back I heard footstep's crunching dry leaves running
at a furious rate behind me, I turned rather startled to see nothing since
this area is frequented by foxes and priding myself as a person not easily
scared I shook it off as I started walking again and immediately heard the
running footsteps this time much closer and accompanied by the certain
feeling of someone was most deafeningly there I turned again the footsteps
started from the side, as I turned to the side it came from the direction I
was walking and was right behind me, The feeling of an icy cold hand grabbed
my shoulder with force, I didn’t even look back I ran like hell to my friend
Matt's house only telling him, he looked pale white as he called into the
room from the large party my other friend Fernando who had told him the exact
same thing after walking a girl home from Matt's after they all went bowling
one night the previous winter, the thing that stuck out was this was the
middle of winter with snow on the ground, he heard leaves crunching
distinctly and 4 other people I know have had the same experience, another
night I saw a huge shadowy humanlike figure standing and waiting for me at
the area where the footsteps were I decided to take the long way home, since
then I have researched the land and before the settlers claimed it as farm
land the park was the site of an Arapahoe Indian semi-permanent encampment
where they lived out the long summer months hunting and fishing in Stanley
lake, and camping next to the creek which is now bone dry and still in the
park, also several miners stopped along the creek to pan for gold, one
argument led to the shooting of three miners over a piece of gold a little
smaller than a golf ball this was where I saw the orb, I figured out the
secret of the park last summer, if you don't walk over the undeveloped field
land, and don't litter in the park the Indian spirits will leave you be,
occasionally when smoking a cigarette in the park I will empty the end of
the burning tobacco and let it burn on the ground to appease the spirits who
I assume smoke some form of pipe, The reason I decided to write this because
just the other day I saw a sign in the field stating the land would be
developed for houses, and walked through that night, a cold wind blew only
while I walked in the park, I encourage you to visit it yourselves before it
is developed, I plan on watching the foundation's being dug to see if
anything of interest is dug up


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