Ouija Board Experience:
The Ouija Board doesn't work for everyone, but it worked for us!  My friend Caitlin and I have always been interested in the supernatural, so one day we bought an Ouija Board, printed out instructions on the internet on how to "safely" use it, and got to work.
We waited until midnight, turned off all the electricity, burned incense, and lit candles.  To make sure that neither of us was cheating, we both put blind-folds on, and had my brother sit off to the side with a pen and paper.  After inviting good spirits to talk with us, we first asked the question, "Is there anyone in the room with us tonight?"  The pointer moved to "yes". 
Then we asked, "What is your name?"  The pointer started moving again.  I thought Caitlin was moving it and she thought I was moving it, but we continued anyway.  My little brother was silent for quite some time, so I finally asked, "Well, is it spelling anything out, or just moving around?"
He replied, "It just spelled 'Helen'. 
Caitlin and I got so scared that we ripped our blind-folds off, and closed the session immediately.  Since that day, we have never used the Ouija board again.

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