My "own" Ghost story
Submitted by: Missy

We moved from New Kensington, PA a little over 2 years ago. At first we were living with my husbands sister, but we found a trailer in Platteville, CO in Jan. 1999, and we have been here since. We didn't see things happen for a while, a little over a year. Then I started seeing shadows out of the corner of my eye, or something would be misplaced. Then we noticed that our cat would refuse to go into certain rooms at certain times of the day.

I was absolutely certain that we had a visitor one night I stayed up to work on my graphic site (I could give a obnoxious plug here but I'll resist) At the time we had WebTV. I was sitting in front of the TV working on a page of cat graphics. (Why now when the day before I had put Halloween graphics up I'll never know) When I felt someone staring from the kitchen, thinking that my son had somehow snuck past me (he was 3 at the time) I looked up when I didn't see Jamey, I went back to what I was doing. It was then I realized what I saw, it was a woman I would say 35-40 yrs old in a blue dress standing there, of course when I looked back up she was gone. My husband thought I had completely lost it. (He was at work when I saw her, and he still hasn't really seen anything)

Anyhow since that night I've noticed things that I previously dismissed, my watch ending up in the kitchen when I put it on the headboard, a hand caressing my fanny in the middle of the night (I told them off over that and it hasn't happened since), the cats dishes being moved to where my husband could step in them (hehe he hated that prank!) and recently my husbands wallet came up missing from the living room where I had it. After searching all day it ended up in the jeans he was wearing, which he changed into after a shower that morning (lets just say he's now a believer)

I have seen a young boy in our hallway also and my son swears there are monsters in his room to the point that he refuses to sleep in there. And I do get an eerie feeling when I go past his room at different times of the day.

Right now they have settled down (They know they really upset Jim he calls them a few choice names) so other than our computers printer turning itself on the other night there hasn't been much. I've been told that sage or holy water would remove them, but they aren't here to hurt us, and other than the little pervert in the bedroom and one playing with my hair, none of the family has been touched.

Now to see what they pull on Jim next...

Thanx for listening!

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