Massage Ghost

There is a
house on the North side of Almeda near I-25 that is very haunted. It is a house that a man that runs an escort service used to for an incall.  It now has a sign in the front window that says "Sonny Massage" or something like that. I drive by it all the time. One of the girls that used to work in that same house told me the following story:
    No one liked to be there. The house had a very heavy negative energy about it.  I would shake in my boots everytime I was there, and after what happened the last time I was there I refused to go there alone at night. The first time I was there I sat on the back steps and had this overwhelming, unbearable, feeling of sadness so I just sat there and sobbed. I like my job and never had ever felt like crying after doing a show, but after my first show there while I was changing the sheets on a be in the upstairs bedroom I felt the same overbearing feeling and just started crying. The second time I was there I noticed that when I walked past the stairwell, the light in the wall way leading up the stairs was off. When I walked past it, it was on. On several times, the phone would ring three times and then stop, if anyone answered it there would be no one there.  I did another show there, and a gentleman and I were in an upstairs bedroom and we heard what sounded like someone climbing around on the roof. I would also ignore these things because I've lived in a haunted house when I was younger and spooks never bothered me because I wouldn't let them scare me. This one was far worse. One night I was there alone, and I sat on the couch in the front room facing the room that had the entry to the stairwell. The room with stairwell was lit with a red light and seperated with a heavy velvet curtain which was currently drawn. I was drawing and had the feeling that something was trying to get my attention. I stubbornly continued to draw and when I looked up the velvet curtain moved on its own. I called our driver to have him keep me company. When he got there he left me alone in the front room to use the bathroom, beneath one of the benches in the red room I saw what looked like a flashlight going beneath it. I thought that somehow the driver was playing tricks on me and yelled at him to stop. He came out of the bathroom and asked what I was talking about, he had his back to the red room when I saw this green misty figure that scared me so back that I drew back in horror and then it simply vanished. I've never been so scared in my life, and I've never been back there since. Other girls that have worked there have confirmed their own horror stories, yet the renter insists that that house isn't haunted.

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