Ghost Killing Cat?

I’ve had a few encounters in northeast Colorado; here is one of them... From
1982 through 1984 my dad rented a house from the church in crook Colorado.  Its
a good-sized house, espically with one dad and four boys. I never really
noticed anything but of course I had three brothers and we were in and out of
the house. Well my brother Tim had a cat he had since it was a kitten. The cat
would not stay in the house by its self. Well one night we had to play in a
high school football game and got home a little late.  I went to my room to
throw my equipment on my bed, as I was about to leave I noticed over my bed
against the closet (closed) door was a cat’s tail going straight up the door. I
thought it strange so I walked around the bed and found the cat in an L shape
dead against the door the head on the floor and the rest of the body going
straight up the door. People in town would always ask (small town folk know
everything going on) who was in our house because they would see someone
standing in the window when the lights were out.


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