Haunted Cheesman?
I moved to Denver when I was 18 with a friend from a small town in the mountains.  We were very excited at the fact that we would be living in the heart of the city, Capital Hill, only 3 or 4 blocks from Cheesman Park.  We had a garden level basement apartment in an older building on Lafayette Street.  At first it was just a sort of creepy feeling you would get when you were there alone, or at night.  That feeling, say, while you're walking down a hall or something and you can just feel something following you, or behind you the whole way.  After about a month things started to get a little weirder and more apparent.  My roomate played for the Metro State jazz band and would often play jazz cd's.  We had a five disk cd player, but no matter what cd you put it on, the stereo would stop and go the jazz cd if there was one in there.  This would happen everytime, no matter who was there to witness it.  It would just stop in the middle of the song and rotate to the jazz cd.  If there was one in the player it was the only cd that would play all the way through.  Every morning there was a mysterious puddle of water in the middle of the kitchen floor.  We couldn't really figure out how it got there, no line or pathway of water from the fridge or the sink, just right in the middle of the floor.  Things would go missing, like shirts and hairbrushes, and both my roomate and I would get really frustrated as we would look everywhere for these things, pull the house apart,  but to no avail.  Almost everytime, a couple days later the item would be right there in plain sight.  One time I was talking to my mother on the phone, my roomate sitting across the room from me, and something flew across the room and hit the wall above my head, hitting the floor behind me.  We both heard it and both jumped up to look, but there was nothing there behind the chair.  I never felt threatened in the apartment but there was always a sense of uneasiness living there.  Needless to say when our lease was up, we moved. 

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