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Ghost In The Hall

    For the inhabitants of any house that they share with visitors from beyond the grave, the "who are they" and "why are they here" becomes the overwhelming concern. We as investigators try to find some link that will make sense for the haunting. More often than not we come up with nothing and we resort to speculation. So all we can do is take the perceivable, emotional and intuitive testimony from the percipient. Hopefully, someday we will find the key to unlock the door to the otherside and find answers to these questions.

     Following is an account of events that spanned many years for a family that resides in Lakewood. The C. family moved into a newly built home located on land that once belonged to the famous Molly Brown. As with many cases the incidents started off slowly, escalated, suddenly ceased and currently only occurs sporadically.

     The story starts with Mrs. C and her daughter. They witnessed two different apparitions in the house they lived in prior to the current residence. Mrs. C cannot recall if she was coming out of a dream or not but she remembers a tall, graceful and flowing figure dressed in lavender that suddenly disappeared. This incident was brought back to mind when the same personage was encountered in the new house. Mary C, the daughter, saw a completely different specter. This one mysteriously materialized complete with his own podium. She perceived that his countenance was one of a learned or scholarly type. He appeared to be giving a lecture or teaching a class.

     After the family moved into their new house they began to notice movements. These consisted of slight light flashes and moving shadows. This was accompanied by an ever-increasing feeling that they were not alone. Shuffling noises could be heard, the occasional slamming of doors and the front door flying open. With any new member of the family (whether wanted or not) the ghost needed a name, it was to be "Gus". Mary C to test the receptiveness of this moniker asked, "If your name is really Gus, somehow let me know today." Latter that evening she heard a loud, clear and deep voiced "NO".

     Convinced that the house is haunted and having six friends over for a slumber party it is only natural for young girls to have a séance. Setting the mood, the occurrences in the house were related. They sat in a circle with the lights turned down. The chatter ceased and silence dominated with the occasional appeal to the spirit world, invoking the spirit to make his presence known. The ghost obliged. Seen by all present was a fuzzy ball of light. This was accompanied by a total loss of electrical power. Although momentary the outage was complete and then the power returned. That was the end of the seance. The spirits affinity for "playing with the electrical power" was verified by their neighbor. After returning from a vacation it was reported to them that the lights in the house were seen going on and off in their absence. This phenomenon was accompanied by wind that appeared to surround their house only.

     Mary C testified that at night while sleeping, footsteps or movement in the attic above her room would awaken her. She sensed that they moved from the attic through her room and then out. She dared not look; kept her face to the wall for fear of seeing something she was not prepared for.

     On several occasions Mrs. C woke up sensing that something was amiss. Looking up she could see into the hallway. Standing there in the dim light was a female specter. She was a tall and graceful figure. Dressed in a full length lavender gown, described as very formal with puffy sleeves, reminiscent of the fashion of the early 1900's. She wore a wide brim hat "like the one Molly Brown wore on the Titanic". Mrs. C got the distinct impression that it was the same spirit she encountered in her previous home.

      After several years in the house these incidents diminished. They decided to construct a greenhouse on the side of the house. When construction was completed and all the plants and fauna installed a spot on the ground keeps appearing. It grows to approximately 18" in diameter, is dark and has an oily consistency. It is located on some decorative river stones far removed from any plants or pots. It shows up even when she has not watered the plants for several days. It was reported to Mrs. C that during the original construction that one of the workers fell off the roof and was killed. Could this be the spot?

     As can be seen from the above story that there is very little to go on that can be verified. These are impressions and occurrences that exist in a moment of time and then are gone forever. This appears to be the nature of the business we find ourselves in. However we will keep looking and sooner or later we will find what we are seeking.

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