Ghostly Feeling

 My name is Mark. I have had some interest in ghosts and the paranormal since I was small.
My first instance of meeting a ghost was in fourth or fifth grade, or
Thereabouts. My great-grandmother had just died.
My father didn't want me to suffer in school, so I wasn't told

until that weekend, near the end of the year. I think it was Thursday,
though to be sure, I'd have to search back through dates to find out,
and I don't know where that year's calendar is. But never mind the exact
day of the week. Sometime either in the middle or late in the week, I
awoke at nearly one or two in the morning, feeling sick. I looked up,
finding that my eyes were already open, without my having consciously
(sp?) opened them. In front of me was what looked like a shadow,
although it was white. It may have been a mist, but whatever it was, it
seemed harmless. I soon drifted into a doze, apparently, as I do not
remember whatever happened after that. I would have left it very well
alone, but that weekend, Saturday, my dad called me and my brother into
the kitchen and told us that Mama Nona, as we called her, had died a few
days earlier. This may seem like the end of the story, but it is not.
Before even this happened, I had knowingly been sensitive to electricity
in the air, much like EMFs. I had always been able to tell if an
electric appliance was on or off, or on, but not working. Several times
I came home from school and found the TV on, when there was nothing,
absolutely nothing, on the screen. The little light that usually signals
that the TV is on was long since burned out, but I knew still, that the
TV was operating. As I was saying, these feelings, almost like sounds
too high pitched to hear, began to come even when there were no
appliances within any long distance. In sixth grade, I would ride my
bike to school, and I would "hear" the noise. This had never happened
before. I passed it off as someone's TV turned on in a home nearby or
something of that sort, but the sounds continued to follow me all the
way to school. I never would have worried, but televisions suddenly
started being left on, as well as computers and radios, when they were
shut off only minutes before. Downstairs, when we were remodeling, the
TV was unplugged, and all other electric appliances removed from the
room. I walked in, got a bad feeling in my stomach, and walked back out
intending to go to the bathroom. When I left, my stomach felt fine. I
returned to find the electric "noises" in the room, when there was no
appliance in the entire downstairs on at the time. I know, I checked. I
never thought about taking a picture, but maybe I will. I seem to be
finding myself suddenly turning to look behind me, sensing someone
there, but there is no one. I thoroughly believe that my
great-grandmother's or someone else's ghost has anchored itself to me.
However, it cannot leave the old section of town. When we go to visit
relatives out of town, the ghost, or whatever it is, stays behind, as
the sounds do not follow me. And, even more surprising, after we put an
addition on our house, the ghost stopped following me there, as well. It
seems the ghost cannot leave the places that existed when it was a
living being.


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