"Ghost Car"

Ten or twelve years ago, or so, I was living in Fontana, California and I was on my way to work one morning, and had just pulled onto the freeway into rush hour traffic, when I was passed on the right by a cute looking young blonde girl in an older light-colored convertible (I believe) with the top up.  The blonde had fairly short curly hair.  I tried to catch up with her to "check her out", but couldn't, as she moved on ahead in the traffic.  She had an out-of-State custom license plate (I believe Colorado - although I can't remember now for sure) which was very distinctive and a positive, fun-loving statement (which I can't remember now - although I did at the time).

A few days later, I read an article in the newspaper about a young blonde girl who had been found brutally tortured and murdered in that State (Colorado?), and she had the same car with the same license plate which I had seen that morning.  The police had put out a description of her car, including the license plate "number" (statement).  The newspaper article went on to state that the authorities were "baffled" because they had received hundreds of calls from people all over the United States who were insistent that they had seen the blonde girl driving that very same car with that very same "out-of State" license plate, from Florida to California, and that she could not possibly have been in all those places at the very same time.
This was the same girl and car with the same license plate which I had seen.  I was not one of those who had called the authorities.
I wish I had kept the newspaper article, but I did not.