Ghost in the Garage

      I grew up in an old stone farmhouse (1796) in bucks county, pennsylvania. the extent of my
      paranormal experiences up until 1988 were somewhat limited. there were several instances
      where I distinctly heard footsteps in the upstairs hallway of the house when no one was home
      and at the same time an unnatural fear would come over me, although I had never actually
      seen anything strange before then, and haven't since. while I was home from architecture
      classes in college over christmas break 1991, I sighted what i believe was an apparition or at
      least part of one. it was around 11 at night when Iwas returning from a friends house, I parked
      in my usual spot in front of the garage, which was actually an old converted corn crib. I glanced
      past the window of the garage door and caught a glimpse of something slowly swinging from a
      rope inside. because of another window on the back side of the garage, I clearly remember
      seeing the rope in silhouette, but couldn't see much below b/c of the height of the windows. my
      initial impression was that it was something that had been stored up in the rafters and had
      fallen down (being that my father is a builder and the garage was used mainly for storage, it
      was always full of building materials and equipment). my cat peetie would often get shut inside
      the garage and climb all over everything and i figured it might be him in there knocking stuff
      over, so I opened up the door to see if he was inside. I remember having the same unnatural
      fear that I felt before in the house that was somewhat more disturbing. I turned on the lights
      and peetie wasn't inside, there was nothing hanging from the rafters and no ropes, which I
      could have sworn was what I saw. no more than a few days later my parents had friends over
      and among them was the previous owner of the house. he and one other of their friends were
      talking about the neighborhood and were recounting how they went to school just down the
      street in an old one room schoolhouse, which has since been turned into a residence. i just
      about flipped when they mentioned one the neighbors who helped out on the farm, Silus Myers,
      while in a depression had hung himself from the rafters of the corn crib on the property when
      they were kids- the same corncrib (garage) where i saw the swinging rope. take it for what it's
      worth, I'm more of a skeptic than not, but I'm sure I saw a rope that night and it was slowly
      moving as if something heavy were tied on the end. it's hard to verify this story having no real
      evidence other than what i remember seeing, but the experience has gone a long way to
      opening me up to the possibility of paranormal activity, especially emotion laden incidents
      associated with structures. I spent a lot of time observing that place in the years since, but
      with no organized effort and no real methodology, so no luck since then. I thought about taking
      pictures next time I am home, and would appreciate any advice on how to approach it. still
      investigating. --trekkr