Friendly ghost   

About four years ago, I lived in a house around the Sheridan and Alameda
area.  The two occupants of my house were my daughter and myself.  We moved
into the home when my daughter was two and moved when she was four.  While
we were there, some odd things happened.  One night, while house cleaning,
I noticed one of my candle holders in my bay window was missing it's taper.
The taper candles I had in the holders never really fit, and were always
falling out.  I went over to find the candle and put it back, but I could
not find in anywhere.  I searched the entire area for about five minutes.
I got frustrated and decided to clean the kitchen and come back to the
candle later.  When I came back to resume my search, the candle was in the
holder, right were it was supposed to be.  I knew it was not in the holder
before, and I knew I hadn't found it, so I thanked "whomever" and went
about my housecleaning, a little spooked.  Another night, my daughter and I
had movie night.  On movie night we ate Chinese food and left the mess for
the morning.  We would watch a movie and then go to bed.  On this
particular occasion, we went through movie night as usual, but when I woke
up in the morning, the tv trays, that I knew I had left out the night
before, were neatly back in their place.   The couch cushions we placed on
the floor to lay on, that I knew we left on the floor, were also back in
their place.  The most significant event happened when we were not at home.
I came home from work one night and my stereo was blaring.  I could clearly
hear it from the outside.  I was very frightened, thinking someone was in
my house.  I ran across the street and asked my elderly neighbor to watch
my daughter while I went in my house.  The front door was locked, when I
went in, I could see the back door was also locked.  I did a thorough look
about my house and found nothing missing or out of place and could not find
any broken windows.  I turned off the stereo, and still shaken, went out to
get my daughter.  When I went back out, my neighbor in the house right next
to mine came over and told me they saw someone they did not know walking
around my house like they were looking for a way to get in.  She said they
were going to call the police, but who ever was at home turned the stereo
on and the man became startled and left.    I thanked my neighbor and took
my daughter inside, knowing that there could not have been anyone in my
house that day, I had a key and my parents had a key and they were out of
town.   I was not scared any longer however.   Whom ever was sharing our
home appeared to love the home, and just wanted to help us take care of it.

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