Four Hauntings In Lakewood

    I have a ghost story that I would like to share. Well, four of them, and
they all take place within a two mile radius of each other. I can't
remember all of the details of these either, but I swear that they
     My Dad grew up in a neighborhood in Lakewood. This neighborhood was
full of strange and mysterious happenings. He lived in a house on
Exposition Drive. (I think. I can't remember if it was drive, or street,
or whatever.) He said that the house they lived in was haunted by a man
that my Dad and his brothers called Harold. It began with my dad's
brother Kenny. They had an old camper parked on the side of the house.
Kenny went outside and saw a man with long brown hair wearing blue jeans
and a red flannel shirt walk around the house. A few days latter, my
other uncle, Kevin, was putting a new set of strings on his guitar. He
looked up to see a man with long brown hair wearing blue jeans and a red
flannel shirt watching him from the doorway. My dad finally saw the ghost
when he was up late watching TV one night. The family kept a large mirror
on the wall behind the TV. My dad looked into the mirror to see Harold
sitting on the couch next to him watching TV with him. At first, Dad
didn't realize what he had seen. Then he looked next to him and saw no
one. When he looked in the mirror, Harold was gone. I don't know if my
grandparents ever had any encounters with Harold. I know that one
Thanksgiving, a plate slid itself off of the counter without any help.
Strangely, Harold seemed to disappear when Dad's family sold their RV.
    The second story is the largest haunting in this collection. Just down
the road from my Dad's house on Exposition, there is a large hill with
biking trails. There is also a ring of houses around the bottom of the
hill. The hill was a Ute Indian ceremonial hill many centuries ago. My
Dad and his brothers would often go to the top and discover pieces of
pottery and arrowheads. They never went up or down the east or north
sides of the hill, however. My dad said that on the top of the hill or
the west and south sides, everything seemed normal, but if you walked on
the east or the north, you felt as though you were being pulled into
shadow. Anyway, they began to construct houses along the bottom of the
hill. My dad said that he and his friends and brothers used to go to the
construction fields to pester the workers and run in and out of all of
the houses. However, there was one house located on the east side of the
hill that they did not dare to go near. My dad said that they just had an
uneasy feeling about the house. When construction had finished on the
house, it was a large adobe style house that caused my grandmother to
name it the Hotel California after the adobe style house on the cover of
the Eagles album. Soon, every one in the neighborhood was calling the
house Hotel California. People who drove by the house often felt the
inexplicable need to get away. The house had many owners. Often, nobody
stayed for longer than a year. The average was six months. I have driven
by myself and felt the feel of terror crawl up my spine. However, things
have changed lately. For the past two years or so, the house has seemed
strangely normal.
    The third story of this neighborhood isn't really a haunting, but
interesting nonetheless. My dad's best friend had a sister named Sandy.
Late one night, Sandy was  driving home from work in her brother's car
because hers had broken down. As she drove by one street, a man with a
gun standing on the far end of the street shot at her and killed her. Her
car went spinning and smashed into a nearby house's fence. To this day,
the police have never caught the man who shot her.
    Interestingly enough, the last tale I have for today takes place on the
street that Sandy was shot at from and involves my mom instead of my dad.
My mom had cousins that lived on the corner of the street next to a large
church. My mom would sometimes go there for to visit them. She never felt
safe in their house and she always felt uncomfortable about the church.
My mom hasn't given me much detail on this, however. She says that she
saw sprits, however, and that these spirits took great delight in
terrifying her cousin, Stacey.
    Well, that is all I have. I hope that you found it interesting.

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