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The Friendly Farmer.


Here is an interesting case of a house that has been visited by four different ghosts. Our clients moved into this house in 1993. It was originally built in 1972 and as far as we know right now, it was an area that was mostly open fields.
 She had just moved in. It was a busy day moving, unpacking, and making this house her new home. Ann was exhausted and retired to bed. After climbing under the covers she reached over and turned off the light on her nightstand. As she rolled over to lie on her back a disembodied face appeared just inches from her own. Anyone else would have gone screaming out of the room and the FOR SALE sign would have reappeared on the lawn the next morning. However, Ann is a long time believer in Metaphysics. She politely and firmly stated that I'm just too tired, just go away and the specter disappeared never to be seen again.

 There wasn't any activity until one year later. Ann was in bed when a figure materialized and proceeded to walk across her bedroom, then dematerialize at the opposite wall. She describes him as being older and dressed in a fashion that appears to be a farmer. There also is the impression that he is sad. This spirit has made it a habit to periodically make his appearance. He always takes the same path across her room (regardless of the furniture arrangement) and accentuates his nocturnal stroll with the occasional gentle squeezing of her foot as she lies in her bed. The most striking aspect of this occurrence is that it behaves like a recording but seems to be aware of Ann's presence.
The final two specters to appear made their presence known a couple of months ago. The first was of a man. He appears at the side of her bed. She only sees him from the waist up. He has a head but the face isn't visual to her. Ann gets the impression that he doesn't want to be identified.
Another feeling Ann gets is that the final ghost that has visited her is somehow related to this faceless man. This spirit is a woman. She appears to be dressed in the style of the 1930's or 40's. Her hair is parted on one side and she is wearing a white blouse and dark skirt. There is a sense of sadness about her and Ann felt as though she was trying to tell her something. Ann told the spirit Don't worry, it will be.
Other than collecting stories we were unable to find any possible answers due to time constraints.

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