Cripple Creek Haunting

     I had an interesting "encounter" at a bed and breakfast in Cripple Creek a year and a half ago (a "ghostly" encounter, not the other kind!).
     The drive up Phantom Canyon (what an appropriate name!) was a bit much for my low-land husband; he developed altitute sickness, so once we hit Cripple Creek I began looking for a place to let him rest.  We passed a bed and breakfast I had heard of, so I stopped and rented a room for the night.  As poor Joe was in no shape to explore, I left him tucked in bed (moaning just a little bit) and roamed the town's streets myself.  I also took a Ghost Walk with the owner of a local B&B just to have something to do.  As we walked past where Joe and I were staying, he mentioned that the very room we were renting was reportedly haunted.  Supposedly, one guest woke during the night and saw a little girl sitting at a desk beside her bed.  Other guests had reported the same little girl looking out the upstairs window, but no one knew a thing about her. 
     That night, as I lay beside my light-headed husband, I had the most peculiar dream.  I saw nothing, but I heard the most lovely, warm, feminine (and adult) voice repeat quietly, "Her name's Nancy; the little girl's name is Nancy." 
     I have idea if the little ghost girl's name is actually Nancy, but I did dutifully report the incident to the owners the next morning.  After all, every ghost deserves a name, even the little ones.  I then packed up Joe and drive him to lower ground.  I haven't heard anything from Nancy or the B&B's owner, but maybe someday one of them will drop me a line, letting me know if Nancy truly exists.  In the meantime, I wonder about the voice, and Joe scampers about peacefully on the flat Indiana prairie.

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