I listened to the Rick Barber show last night and now feel compelled to tell you my story.  A couple qualifiers first:  I never lived in the house and currently do not have access to the house.  Also, my friend at the time who did live in the house is now a person I no longer associate with (long story, no big deal).  I went to your website and was blown away by the number of stories and investigations you've done in Cheeseman and Congress park.  My story would be great for corroboration with the current residents of the house across the street from Congress Park.

If you walk south down the middle of the parking lot in Congress Park you cross 8th Ave. at Elizabeth.  The house on the west corner of 8th Ave. and Elizabeth is haunted.  The rumor was a previous owner died (husband) in the house.  The woman supposedly moved to the big white house on the corner of 7th Ave. and Corona.  My friend visited the woman when he was very small and was creeped out by her.  He said his mom had a residual relationship with her just from being the previous owner of their house, who was still in the neighborhood.  The woman was rumored to have had a previous husband that also died inexplicably.  None of this I can verify.  Some of it should be in the newspapers if it happened.

The house rumors from my friend:

Feeling not alone.  Painters leaving in the middle of the job and not returning.  One said it felt like someone behind him in the hallway when he was there alone.  Messes galore.  The kitchen would be a mess and other stuff would be strewn throughout the house.  Blamed the dog most of the time.

Things I experienced:

It was common for me to be inside that house between the years of 1979-1985.  Several of us spent the night as young teens.  I was woken from my sleep because the stereo was blasting.  We had it on to sleep to at a low volume (on 1) and after I woke up, it was turned up to 8.  I was the only who woke up.  I turned it down and went back to sleep.  I mentioned it to my friends the next day, nobody else noticed the music.  My friend said "I'm not surprised.  Stuff like that happens."

Another day my friend and I are sitting in his bedroom which would be the south/east room facing the street of Elizabeth.  While facing to the east playing video games, his cat and dog behind us on the bed, both got agitated.  The cat hissed and arched it's back and the dog got off the bed and stood staring at the wall behind the closet door.  He barked once.  The cat left the room.  My friend and I just looked at each other and raised our eyebrows.  I said "do you think that was the ghost?"  My friend just shrugged and we continued to play the game (then I read that FarSide cartoon where the two dogs decide to play a trick on the owner by just barking into the corner for no reason).

Finally, the one that defies and solidifies my belief that this stuff is real:

My friend was the only one with access to the house.  We were seniors in high school, his mother was in Europe, his sister in school in another country.  It was his house (lucky).  We got back to his house on a Sat. afternoon (I'm assuming it was a Sat.) and noticed two brand new Deep Rock water bottles had been delivered.  We each carried one into the house through the living room, dining room and into the kitchen.  I set my bottle down.  He replaced the empty bottle on the dispenser with the new one he was carrying.  These are the old glass bottles that weighed about 80 lbs.

We left the house empty for a couple of hours, save for the large mischievous dog and a cat.  When we got back to the house my friend went down to his bedroom (now in the basement) to do something and I sat down on the couch in the living room.  Again the house was messy (from the dog was always my first assumption), pillows on the floor, bedding, kitchen stuff knocked over.  When my friend came back upstairs and into the living room he stopped.  He asked me "how did that get there?"  Right in front of me (I hadn't even noticed) was the full Deep Rock water bottle sitting upright in the middle of the living room.  We went over the story a hundred times right then and there and were absolutely sure what we did with those bottles.  He's an extremely organized guy.  He would never just set the bottle down and leave it or let me to either.  The dog?  Knock it over, roll it through two rooms, stand upright.  I doubt that.

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