Baby Ghost?

This is a story that I heard from a woman at work. She lived in a rental
house which was part of a group of 3 other houses. She stated that while she
was pregnant, there were instances of cabinet doors opening/closing and the
entry door unlocking and opening just after her husband had locked it. They
painted a bedroom closet and within minutes all of the paint ran down the
walls and pooled on the closet floor. Her brother and a friend also heard the
cabinet doors opening/closing. There was also one instance where she heard a
voice. Now, in the house directly behind them, the couple living there was
also experiencing strange noises and they had cold spots in which there was a
foul smell. This woman was also pregnant. At one point, my co-worker's
husband asked the landlady if anything "bad" had happened in their house and
she stated no, that her husband had built   all of the houses. The woman who
experienced the "cold spots" eventually delivered her baby girl at home,
alone, and allegedly murdered the baby. Upon being asked why she had done a
particularly horrible thing to the baby (cannot describe here), she stated
"to eat away the evil"... According to her family, she had said she didn't
know she was pregnant. My co-worker had twins and when they were toddlers,
she said something caught her eye, like a fluttering movement in the room,
and her twins held up their arms and started going towards the area where she
had seen the movement. She told "it" to leave her babies alone and go away.
I'm not sure when but they moved not too long after that. Now, when she
started telling this story, the other couple, the location of the houses and
the baby girl dying were shockingly familiar...because, this couple is part
of my family. I was very young and all that my sister and I were told was that ____
had a baby and it died. I did not tell my co-worker this because I
was afraid that she would be too freaked out. I, myself, am still reeling
from all of this, especially the details of the murder and what she had done
to the baby. I intend to do some research of local papers, although my
co-worker stated that "of course, none of the weird stuff was printed in the

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