Haunted Apartment

I am a true believer of paranormal activity. I
have personally witnessed different accounts, and in different places. But this one apartment I will never forget! Back in 1988 when my sister and me were still living with our mother, we had moved to this two room house. It is right down the road from my grandmothers’ house that we were living in just before we moved. We rented the upstairs apartment; it had 5 rooms and an attic. At first not much happened that I could  recall, except for the house being crooked or unsettled. You couldn’t even hang a picture up because of this. Well things started off with the lights flickering on and off. Then my room having no heater in it, and four windows had made it a little cold. But there was one night in September, when it was about 60 degrees outside we were in the house going into my room when it was suddenly freezing so much that you can see our breath clearly. In the weeks to follow we heard stomping on the inside steps from our outside door to the landing where our apartment is about 7 or 8 steps. It would start at the bottom and work its way to the top, then start over again. It would do this about 4-7 times than quit. This happened about once or twice a week. Also one day we were all in the living room watching TV, when we heard tapping on our windows. In sequence from one to the next all around the apartment. I know this because my sister and me went to the other rooms as this was happening. She even waited by one window for it to come around to see if anybody out-side could be doing this, and it still knocked, with nobody around! This knocking went around the house about 3-4 times. And that never happened again. But the worst experience came when I was taking a nap one afternoon, and was kind of having a dirty dream. I won’t say what it is. Well when I awoke and opened my eyes, I heard this train sound followed by a roaring, like a lion.
And I felt it entering me like a freight train, it went through what seemed like my mouth and went deep down in my stomach. Then after a couple of seconds, when I realized what happened it came roaring back out!

I am a born again Christian, and I believe it was the Holy Spirit in me that chased it out.
Well not long after this this, a couple of days later the electric shut off, we went without electric for almost two weeks when my mother decided to finally move out and back into my grandmothers house, which had a lot of occurrences too, but hasn’t had any in a couple of years. Well I forgot to tell you that we lived in the upstairs apartment, and the people who lived downstairs confessed they heard the stomping on the steps along with other things we didn’t experience. And also when the electric went out the landlord had people come in to check it out & they found  nothing wrong with the wiring but still couldn’t get it to work. I t wasn’t until we moved out that the electric came back on, by itself! Well ever since we moved out, every time we would drive pass the house and we would check to see if people would be moving in or out, and they have quite frequently and I know why! It is now the year 2001 and people are still moving in and out at least 3-4 times a year.

Chris in Pennsylvania

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