Another Haunting In Lakewood Colorado

 When I  was 16 my brother and his wife rented a duplex on South Harlan in Lakewood Colorado, when they moved in, alot of things started to happen .The lights would go off and on, the back door would open even after they would lock it.They had a cat and she had a litter of kittens, but when they were born there eyes were bolging out and something was very wrong with them and they died,but the mama cat was fine. Well months later me and my friend were baby sitting for my brother and his wife,
before they left, my brother ask me not to let the cat out and we didn`t. But me and my friend were watching tv and the cat came out into the front room and was playing with a cricket and was jumping around she played for a while , and later we seen she was gone so we started looking all over for her, we looked in the bed rooms we looked in the closet`s of the bed rooms, over and over, under the beds we searched the whole duplex and just could not find her . It was getting late  so we gave up untill my brother came home they searched for her and could not find her, we thought she must of got out some how, but we could not  understand  how !  we never opend any doors. Well the next day we searched for her again and in my brothers  bed room closet the cat  was dead,we all searched that closet over and over we never found out the reason she died. about a year later my brother bought a house, my mom and dad just got divorced and we were looking for some where to live.so we moved into that duplex. My mom took the back room I took my brother and his wife old room. Well strange things started to happen again. lights started going off and on the back door opend all the time. One night I went to baby sit for my friends aunt I came home late and my mom was asleep in her room and everything was quiet .I went in my room and and all of the sudden I heard this loud man`s voice saying do you know what time it is ! I stood there in shock and frooze I thought maybe my mom was messing around with me, but I finaly got the nerve to go in her room and she was sound asleep. I never found out what that was. Now remember that was the same room the cats died in.when I went to bed that night I pulled the covers down and there was a dead cricket on its back on my pillow I dont know how in the world it got on my pillow.More things started to happen, my mom called a friend of the family to help us out with something that broke down in the duplex because the land lord was in
a wheel chair and what ever had to be fixed was in the crawl space  the friend of the family had to go down in the crawl space in the back yard, he found about five dead cats in there, that was to weird for me !!!
after we found the cat in the closet dead, and her kittens died  before that. Me and my mom finley moved  and about five years later , my cousion came to visit and we were all sitting around talking, he started talking about this duplex on Harlan street that use to be a chicken coupe,and later was made into a duplex next to a horse field, he started telling my brother about this man who killed  his wife and then killed him self in the back bed room, my brother asked him where about was this duplex and he told us right where it was and it was the same duplex that we lived in , and i also heard this was once a indain burial ground. Me, my husband , and my sister went to see the duplex one day and we could not understand why the address we had on South Harlan was changed to the duplex right next door and the one next door was put on the duplex we lived in.


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