Three Spirits I Know.....

    I have been a military brat all of my life. I was born on a NAVY base in Japan because my father was fighting in the Gulf War. At the time my mother was living with her four year old daughter and grieving over the death of her two year old son's death. Two years later I was born, and we went back to the states. My father decided to quit the NAVY (after being in it since he was 17, and for 15 years) and join the Air National Guard. My mother was still a stay-at-home mom when he was finished with his basic training. About three years later my mother joined the Air National Guard as well. I am now 15 years old and both of my parents are still in the military.
    All my life I have also witnessed a lot pf paranormal activities. My mother told me that it started when I was a baby. She said that I was never afraid of any of the ghosts or spirits but that as soon as I could talk she would hear me talking to them for endless hours of the night and that I would always play with them instead of my older sister (who couldn't ever see them). As I grow up I still have many encounters with these spirits almost on a daily basis. There are three main spirits that come and visit me but never all at once. 
    The first spirit that my mother tells me that she would hear me talk about when I was a toddler and hear me play with in my room was my big brother (the one who drowned). At first she thought that I just had an imaginary friend but when I told her the name of this friend and what he looked like she said that she was struck dumb because I had never heard my parents talk of him or seen a picture of him before. It was also odd she said because I had never met my big brother or so she thought. While growing up I was still visited by my brother usually twice a week He never told me about his life before he died (probably because he was too young to remember it) but I told him all about my days and what happened in them. We were very close and still are today. The strangest thing about all of this is that he ages as he would if he were really living. I have never been afraid of my brother or when he comes to see me, because its always the same, I hear him humming a lullaby that our mother used to sing to us and then the lights go out and there he is. he also always tells me when something bad is going to happen, such as a death in the family or to someone that I am close to, a natural disaster, and September eleventh. He had told me this exactly "Dad's gunna be stationed in Iraq for a while because there will be a terrorist attack on the U.S. soon, but don't worry he will be coming home in one piece." I didn't really know how to take what he said or understand it because he wouldn't tell me anymore that this. I am still visited my him today... once a week and then on all holidays and birthdays in the family.
    The next spirit was never a part of my family, so I don't know why he talks to me and he has never told me. The first time I saw him was at 2:03 the morning of 9/11. I remember it very vividly because since I am a military brat I am very used to the sound of combat boots coming up the stairs and walking around, but not at 2:00 in the morning! I had woken up to the sound of some very loud stomping downstairs and I recognized it as combat boots. I waited for them (whether it was my mom or dad) to come upstairs and tell me goodnight but there never did. So I went to the basement where I heard them and found a man dressed in an Army uniform from the time of WWII. This man looked to be very young (he is twenty-two or was when he died) and he was marching around in our basement all by himself. I watched him for a while and when he made no acknowledgement to my being there I asked him what he was doing there and why. No reply. I asked him a few more questions all with no reply. I could tell he was a spirit or ghost because he had the same smoky look around his as my brother, I did not feel threatened by him so I just sat on the couch and watched him march. I must have fallen asleep because I don't remember anything until he started to yell and woke me up. I asked him again why he was in my house and the only reply I got was yelling. Then my mom came downstairs and told me that the first tower had been hit. I then understood why he was there, and after a few minutes he stopped yelling and answered my questions all with an "I dont know" or "I am not sure". then he got up and started to march again and disappeared and my mom told me that the second tower had been hit and that I wasn't going to school that day. I didn't see the soldier again until we were informed that my dad would be stationed in Iraq. This is when he started to answer some of my questions and tell me about his life. I see him still today and talk to him about his experiences in Germany maybe a few times a month.
    The last spirit is also not a member of my family, but he tells me I talked to him once when he was alive, although I don't remember. This is a very old black male who wears sergeant stripes on his coat but it is not military issue and does not wear a uniform. I started to see him at the beginning of this year (2007) on no special day or event. I was sitting in my room watching TV when all the power in my room just turned off, I thought I had blown a circuit so I went out to the breaker box to fix it. While I was in the garage I saw a very old man working on something on my dad's tool bench (I also knew he was a ghost because he had the same look as the others and I was not threatened my him either). I asked him what he was doing and he said that he was trying to fix his wife's mixer and that he was finally getting around to it after seven moths of it sitting on his shelf. We talked for a while about his life and family and his children and grandchildren, and I told him about mine. He told me that I was a good person and to always be myself and never someone else because nobody was better than me or something like that. He says that a lot, it's kinda weird but it has a good message. I see him more than my brother but less than the soldier and he seems to bring good news, or at least whenever he comes to see me something good happens. Such as, that night when I first saw him my grandma came out of the hospital after being in a car crash she wasn't expected to live past.
    I see other ghosts and spirits but none that I can talk to and I usually feel threatened by them. And nobody else in my family has ever had encounters with spirits like this, so I don't know where I get it from.

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