Visitors at the Stanley Hotel

In Dec. 06, we spent the night at the Stanley. It was an experience we would never forget.
We had dinner in the dining room; took the ghost tour and then  went back to our room for the night. We saw the door handle rotate while we were sitting on the bed---wrong room; no big deal. Our room was 424.

I was tired so I fell asleep right away. During the night, it sounded like there was an incredible amount of footsteps in the hallway---it was as though they were coming right through the room. Later, I remember my honey quietly getting up to go to the bathroom, like I've heard her do hundreds of times before; you get to know a person's subtle noises.

I remember perceiving her at the window in a night gown. I was awakened from a dead sleep by a very scared girl who told me that she heard someone in the room with us!!! I fumbled for the light switch on the lamp, but could not find it right away---out of the corner of my eye, I saw something on the open windowsill. What, at first, I thought was a cat.... was a racoon!  I got out of bed and went toward it, afraid that there could be another one in the room behind me. The coon went out the window as I approached. I shut the window as the coon went about 4 feet down the little section of roof. It then turned around and came back to within one foot of the window, and stared at me. It suddenly looked to my right and bared its teeth and hissed.
There was something very wierd about that racoon. I thought my girl was standing beside me. The racoon then worked its way along the roofline and out of sight. The drop from the 4th floor must be around 30 feet or more.  I said something about the coon turning and hissing at her and she said that she was sitting at the other side of the room on the bed!!  What it saw ....I don't know. She was still very upset about what had happened and told me that she heard heavy human footfalls and walking noises right along her side of the bed. She was afraid to open her eyes because what she perceived, as a male presence, was standing right over her. I believe her because she is a very calm and rational woman. I dont know if the racoon was in the room, or not, because I only saw it on the window sill, but I said to her, "l am surprised you were not startled by the racoon, when you got up and went to the window". 

She informed me that she NEVER, ONCE GOT OUT OF BED THAT NIGHT!!!  Someone got out of the bed...... I am sure of it---it was female. At this point, my honey wanted to leave---it was about 2:30 AM. We ended up staying till sunup, at my request. There was alot about that night that was bizarre and can hardly be put into words. Never a believer in things like this before; I will never dismiss outright somebody's strange experience again.It seems that this story could be explained away. This doesn't account for the profound, overwhelming perception we both had that we were not alone in the room that night. Over a year later, we summoned the courage to stay on the 4th floor again, this time in room 420. We both experienced an uncanny sense of overwhelming peace that night. There was a strange feeling that we were not alone. In my heart of hearts, I know that there is something very strange going on, on the 4th floor, of the Stanley Hotel. 

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