When I was around 8-10 years old my grandma, grandpa, father, and I went to the cemetery to clean the graves. It was dusk and we were going to leave, so my grandpa yelled at me to come on were going to get ice cream. Being a young child I got excited and ran toward the car, I stumbled and fell scraping my knee and hands. As I sat there on my hands and knees I heard a woman say “oh look he fell down, should we help him?” then a man’s voice said “no here comes his father.” I started crying from fear rather than being hurt. I have never retold this story until 30 some years later.

About 5 years ago I started working for the parks department and one of our tasks was to trim the weeds in the cemetery. The day we did this I started hearing a woman’s voice saying “Sarah a.” I could even see an image in my head of a stone with this name written in a kind of arch. So I began looking for the stone I could not find it so I went back to work keeping an eye out for the stone. As I was trimming in the old part of the cemetery I went around a stone and there was a big patch of weeds next to it so I hit them too. Behold the stone that I have been looking for, for about a half a day. This shook me so I walked to the back of the cemetery to have a smoke. I looked up and standing next to the truck was a woman in a long brown dress with lighter brown brocade flowers on it. I blinked and she was gone. Still shaken I went back to work when another trimmer said “do you want to see something weird.” So I followed him to a grave. As we walked I saw and felt an arm go around my elbow and try to pull me back. The sleeve on the arm was dark brown with light brown brocade. The grave my friend wanted me to see had animal bones laid out to look like a human skeleton. I asked Sarah if she was the person who talked when I was a child and I received a yes.

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