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Paul Fennell

Paul has been a core member of PRAI since 2004; in that time he has participated in many investigations both private and public.
In that time through his work with PRAI and also through his own research he has gained a great deal of experience and knowledge of the paranormal.

How long have you been involved in paranormal research?
I have been involved in the paranormal research professionally now for 4 years. I have always had an interest in the paranormal from a very early age.

In your book, you discuss the different tools that can be use during an investigation, what do you consider to be the “best” piece of ghost hunting equipment?
There are two tools I would never go on any investigation without. 1 is a good camera and 2 is a radio to contact someone in case of an emergency should I get trapped or injured. 

In your book you talk about haunted cemeteries, why do you think that all cemeteries seem to have the reputation of being haunted?
Yes, in my book I do discuss cemeteries, but I discount the possibility of them ever being haunted. If you sit back and think about it, if you passed over and came back would you sit in an old cemetery in the middle of the night talking to another dead stranger sitting on a cold tombstone about how cold it is tonight, or would you visit a place that you loved or visit your loved ones to see how they are. I know where I would be. Yes, cemeteries have a scare factor but Hollywood is the cause of that.

You also mention that there are many locations that are “fake” what impact do you feel that this has on the credibility of people who have a legitimate haunting?
I feel that these only fuels the sceptics out there to believe that there is no such think as Ghost or Spirits.

With the popularity of ghost hunting in the media, (Most Haunted, Ghost Hunters, etc….) how do you think the general publics view of the field has changed, and has it been a positive or negative impact?
It can only be good for the paranormal world, it has opened peoples eyes to this world that would never before been exposed to this. Also for people who thought they were going mad to sit back and realise that in fact they were experiencing something paranormal.
What has been the most conclusive “proof” that you have seen?
I have countless photographic evidence, like orbs and a face looking in through a window at me 3 stories up. I have also been physically pushed out of the way by some unseen entity while on my own in a large room.
What would you recommend for a person that is just trying to get a start doing paranormal research?
Join a group that would have places for them to investigate that have some activity but nothing too heavy for the first night.

A new craze that is hitting the Internet is certification of ghost hunters, what do you think of this, and do you think that it offers credibility to the person who obtains the certification?

No, it does not give credibility to any person holding a certificate you are only as good as how honest you give your evidence. Also I bet these courses are expensive and a nice way of making money. You would be better off getting certified in parapsychology, this is a recognised degree from a college. 

With your years of research, do you feel that there is more paranormal activity in private homes or the classic haunted location?
There is no more or less activity in either location. It all depends on the individual reported haunting.