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Lorraine Warren
Part of the Paranormal research team that started it all.

NESPR is a theological society founded by Ed and Lorraine Warren in 1952. The Warrens have investigated almost 10,000 hauntings and paranormal phenomena in the United States and Europe over the last fifty years.

NESPR contains members throughout the United States and various other locations all over the world. Current members who are actively involved with helping the Warrens on a multitude of paranormal investigations come from all walks of life. They treat every case in a highly professional manner and are sought after as the leading paranormal investigative team. Like the Warrens, active members are involved for one major reason, to help those in need.

This society endeavors to create communication and understanding among researchers in the field, through the publication of The Journal and web pages.

Lorraine has become an Icon for researchers in the paranormal research field. Regardless of their beliefs, most people in the field say that the reason that they entered the filed of paranormal research was influenced by the Warrens.

Ed Warren (September 7, 1926 - August 23, 2006) was a demonologist, paranormal investigator, author and lecturer.

Ed and Lorraine founded the New England Society for Psychic Research in 1952 and later opened the Occult Museum.
They are the authors of numerous books about the paranormal and their own private investigations into various hauntings. (They have investigated over 10,000 hauntings during their career). The Warrens were among the very first investigators in the world known Amityville haunting.

Ed Warren passed away on Wednesday, August 23, 2006,at his home in Monroe, Connecticut, with his wife by his side..

The Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society talked to Lorriane on October 30, 2006 about her life, her & Ed's books (including the new Ghost Tracks), her perspective on the new generation of Ghost Hunters and the future of the NESPR.

How has the Halloween season been for you?
You know when you have had a partner for so many years, it has been difficult. My son in law  Tony, has worked with us for 25 years and he is helping me continue with the work. Without him I would be lost. When Ed passed, he worked with the media to help them with the stories. Every aspect of this is so hard to do on your own. It is so great to have someone so knowledgeable right in the family to help.
There is a full-page story about me in the paper today and it seems like just as I put the phone down, it rings again. It is nice, lots of people didn't know that I have been able to go back and do my work, since Ed passed away. So its kind of nice, that people are concerned and when they call you can talk to them about how you make decisions like that. It is really good to get the positive support.

Everybody was concerned that you would not continue with the investigations.
That is what everyone was concerned with, and it was really Ed himself that let me know that he wanted m e to do this, so I will say that I am doing it for him. I am doing it to honor my husband. The work meant a great deal to him, so that is why I want to carry on his legacy.

It seems that no matter what “researchers” theories or beliefs are, they always refer back to you and Ed as the people that started the field.
We are glad to hear that, we do hear that all the time too.

How many books have you published on the subject?
We have done 10 books,

Which do you consider to be you favorite book in the series?
It would have to be The Demonologist. It is used as a textbook in several Catholic Universities. My husband was extremely knowledgeable in the field of Religious Demonology, and the clergy found it fascinating. We work with people of all religious beliefs and they all loved to have Ed lecture for them, especially the Catholic Priests. Ed was so giving with his time when it came to things like that, and I am trying to be that way.

That is one thing that most people in the filed don't do often. People don't seem to offer time to people for lectures, investigations or just to listen to people that needs help.
Its not just all the scary things, its not all just the Demonic things. You have to reach out, because some people are very ignorant of what is and what is not something paranormal, whether it is human or in human they are not knowledgeable in that area. I got a call just today. This woman is very fearful, but she has so many underlying problems, and you have to address these before you can move on to address what's in her house. 

Sometimes we have people that have obvious psychological issues, but we do our best to help them as well. We want to be able to offer help to anyone that contacts us.
You need to be able to tell people nicely that they need to seek counseling as well. It needs to be said in a very gentle way. You need to tell them that its customary and that you aren't Pigeon holing them, and from there they are more open to doing it. Then they can begin to realize that there are other problems other than the ones that they are trying to address to us.

Have you ever charged for any of your investigations?
We have never charged. We have always made a living through other sources. In the beginning we made our money through our art, we were both artists. Then the Universities came into play, we no longer had to worry about where we were finding our funding. We are the longest running speakers on the College/University lecture circuit and have been nominated 3 times for speakers of the year.

We have told people that if they feel that they have to offer money, that they can take us to dinner or coffee.
That is great, or if you have major expenses like air travel they can pay for that if they can afford it.

What was the last book that you published?
That book is Ghost Tracks, and we were working with Cheryl Wicks who is the editor of our journals. We were compiling all of the journals and were at the end when Ed collapsed in 2001soon after we came home from Japan. We had that thought that we would get back to it but we weren't sure when. So finally what we decided was to do it in Ed's voice. So that's Ghost Tracks. The Demonologist & The Devil In Connecticut have both come back into print from what Amazon.com calls books on demand. In other words, books that are selling for a very high price. On Ebay The Demonologist  got as high as $600.00 for a hardcover book, and The Devil In Connecticut was running a close second. So as a result of that they republished both books. The Demonologist made the New York Times best seller list in about 7 weeks. Before the book was republished it had been stolen out of almost every library in the country. I love when the Libraries contact us and ask if we will replace them.

What do you think of the “new” ghost hunting that is happening now?
I'm certainly not too tolerant, of how they are handling things. They all dress in black suits, I just don't get it. There's no closure, and with Ed and I that was our goal with every family. Doing it that way takes a very professional and knowledgeable approach, and these young people who are referring to themselves as Religious Demonologists, they are not. I don't know if they think that by giving themselves the tile they will have a handle on this, but my husband was so learned in the filed but it wasn't a showmanship thing. Ed was knowledgeable in all religions and people using this title now are not educated in the field of Religious Demonology. In most cases they are not bringing closure to the cases. They just go in there and take their recordings and photographs, walk around with their group and then they may hand in a copy of a report. What good is that? What good is that to a family?  It is the in thing to do now, but its not being done in the proper way.

What would your recommendation be for someone who is look for help with a situation, and how would you qualify someone that you were contacting?
The first thing that they should do is to approach their clergy. They can try to get someone that has some affiliation with some religious group. When we are contacted we were initially listed in the Governors Library and that was a great source. Don't just look at Television shows and just invite them in. you have to ask yourself, who are these people. I am concerned that these types of people are going to get hurt because they don't understand the spiritual side, they could bring something home with them and not understand why they have a non-human entity with them.

We would like to be able to recommend people in different locations that contact us for help. Is there a way that people in different areas can seek assistance in areas that you don't have the opportunity to get to?
We do offer people contacts in their area so they can get help when they need it. We have groups that go in and do the initial interviews, photos, background checks and then get back to us so we can work with them on the case.

What do you see as the future for your organization?
That is so hard to say, I do imagine that a new book will come out, and we are here to help people. I miss my husband and am still grieving, we were married for 62 years and I lost him at such a bad time. The Universities were just contacting us for the first semester, and that was difficult. We did a dinner to honor Ed on our first college visit and it was a wonderful event.

What would you say to people wanting to become involved in Paranormal Research?
Each group works in their own way, but the only way to help is to stop the phenomena. The first step is to have people checked by the medical community and then their clergy. This is something that I don't see being done. You cannot document the case if there is no closure.