Imaginary Friend?

When I was just a little girl of about 2 or 3 my family and I lived in a very
large old farmhouse. Being an only child I usually played alone, or so my
parents thought. My only friend at the time was a woman of somewhere in her
late 20's or early 30's. She dressed very old fashioned probably in the type
of dress you would see in the early 1800s. She played games like hide and
seek with me but also taught me "manners". My parents never saw her when we
would play together but, she was always there. There was also a man whom was
about the same age as Rebecca (the woman) and he seemed very close to her (a
brother or husband perhaps) but he was not nearly as friendly as her, in fact
he seemed rather cold. I always thought of them as a lonely child's imaginary
friends until talking recently to my father. Who upon being reminded of the
subject of that old house (we have since moved) told me of dreams he had of a
young woman dressed exactly the same as I remember Rebecca dressing. After
researching the history of the house we found that the house had in fact been
built by a young couple named James and Rebecca Thomas sometime in the early
1800s. I truly believe that her presence is still watching over me to this


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