Greeley Ghost Story

I have been fascinated by hauntings ever since I was a child (now
21) and have done minor reasearch on multiple occasions. I didn't really
ever expect to move into a house that was haunted however. Now I'm not going
to say it is, but this is what I experienced while living there. It is an
old catholic sorority house that is now rented out to college students.

          Many times, especially while alone, I would feel intense emotional
sensations (primarily sadness, sometimes anger) for aboslutely no reason,
always followed by severe goosebumps. This sadness or anger or whatever it
is, would always be accompanied by that feeling of being watched. This
happened at least three or four times a week.

          As for actual sightings, I have a few. The two biggest occurences
was a blurred full body view of whoever the ghost is and an orb of light
that flew behind me (saw it reflect off the tv). The full body shot occured
when I was playing cards with a couple of roommates at a table in the living
room, when I looked up and saw her. She moved down into the stairs as soon
as I looked up. My roommates didn't see it because their backs were to her (
I use "her" only because I get the distinct impression its a female ghost).
On another occasion, I saw her hand (it was the same weird gray color that
the full body image I saw) move quickly out of the hallway as she darted
into the living room as I walked up the stairs.

        The orb of light occured a day or two before I moved out. I was
getting ready to watch a movie and had just turned out the lights and
started to sit back down on the couch when I suddenly became very cold.
Immediately after this coldness, an orb of light darted behind my back and
then angled down towards my feet. I know it wasn't anything like a car's
headlight or any of that junk. I know it was behind me, because as I
mentioned, I saw it reflect off the turned off tv. I have never had
goosebumps so bad in my life. The sadness that I mentioned earlier became
increasingly heavy around this time as well. I think she was getting upset
about being left in the house alone and wanted company... maybe she was
panicing and trying to contact anyone who would pay attention, I have no

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