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Grant & Jane Soloman

The Scole Experiment chronicles the extraordinary results of a five year investigation into life after death. At the beginning of 1993, four psychic researchers embarked on a series of experiments in the Norfolk village of Scole. The subsequent events were so astounding that senior members of the prestigious Society for Psychical Research asked to observe, test, and record what took place

What has the public response been to the books?
Very positive and well received. Over 15,000 copies of the book have been sold. The book was serialised, with images from the book, in the centre pages of a leading British national newspaper, The Daily Mail. It also appeared on the front cover of The Sunday Times magazine, as well as in Time Out, and a number of Japanese, French, German, and American journals. British TV and Radio also covered the story when the book was published. A 2-hour documentary is being made in the US. There have been many letters and emails thanking everyone involved in getting The Scole Experiment out to the public. Many people have reported that they feel they can believe their loved ones now survive physical death. So, all in all, the public response could be said to have been 'very good'.

Of the evidence that was collected during the experiments, what do you feel was the most conclusive?
The quality and content of photographic evidence, including beings from other dimensions and areas of existence, writing captured on film which posed puzzles to the investigators, and some video footage.

It is stated in the book that the majority of the communications were conducted using 'The Germanium Device'. Has there been any more experimentation using this device or the 'Carbide' variance that was mentioned in the book?
Many of the communications did indeed feature the Germanium Device although it was not the majority. We were informed that the device aided communication from communicators far away dimensions who would not otherwise have been able to communicate. It also allowed recordable two-way conversation between participants and deceased relatives without the need for a medium. The potential of this type of communication is obviously interesting in that it involves a machine rather than a medium, although the mediums may have been necessary to facilitate the 'energy' conditions that made the communication possible.
As far as we are aware there has been no experimentation since The Scole Experiment ceased. We believe others have built and tried to recreate similar devices but we are not sure what the results have been.

Carbide was mentioned in a discussion on possible energy sources.

When the device was used to communicate, were the voices heard by all of the people present?
Yes, all present heard the voices and clear, two-way conversations were recorded between people in the room and 'others' not there.
It is mentioned that the 'Beings' used the Devices as a translator because of them not being familiar with language. Did they suggest what they used to communicate to each other?
Our nearest understanding was that their communication was like a telepathic thought process.

Another interesting dialogue was when the 'Beings' communicated that they had no conception of things such as time, physiology & other physical conditions were they ever able to translate what type of dimensional existence they were in?
A dimension in advance, and outside, of our present understanding.

The Device was built using instructions that were put together under the direction of the 'Beings', did they every say if the device had been built before or if it had been attempted to be built before?
No, they didn't say.

All of the experiments were done with safeguards against tampering of the evidence, can you give some basic detail on the protocols that were used? This could be of great help to people that are currently conducting different types of paranormal research:
An example of the protocols set by the investigators for the photographic experiments were as follows.
1, Purchasing and keeping films in a safe until  the experiment.
2. Placing the film in a secure container and having control during the session.
3. Control over the subsequent development of the film.

Do you feel that the experiments have had an impact on the way that the general public views paranormal research?
Not to everyone  but to many people, yes. The fact that credible scientists and researchers and a stage magician attended the experiments and placed strict controls over the proceedings, has helped convince many readers and reviewers that the Scole phenomena were genuine and of great scientific interest.For example, astrophysicists who attended the sessions were able to have highly technical conversations with 'experts' amongst the communicators from the 'other side' or 'alternate realities'.
An aspect of The Scole Experiment worthy of some considerable attention is that other groups, historically, have not allowed this scrutiny by researchers and members of the scientific community.

On the same subject, do you feel that the experiment was helpful in bringing Mediums into the acceptance of the general public?
Possibly helped bring acceptance to mediums and  to gauge what constitutes good evidence.
What do you think of the current popularity of paranormal subjects in the media (Ghost Hunters, Most Haunted, Etc..)? Do you feel that it has had a positive or negative impact on the credibility of the field?
Some of the more sensational programmes have a negative effect on the genuine hard work of those who strive for good survival evidence. Other reports and programmes, such as the TV series 'Medium' about Alison Dubois, may have a more positive affect.

Do you have any advice for someone who is trying to get into the field of Paranormal research?
Get advice from those with proven experience. Read about different aspects of research. There is a good overview of articles on our website and the SPR UK website. This would be a good starting point.

What can you tell us about the Norfolk Experiments and what should we expect to see from it?
The aim will be to share the results of these experiments in another book, The Norfolk Experiment.
At present Alan and Diana Bennett are obtaining some very exciting photographic results in full light conditions. This is extremely encouraging because one of the main criticisms of field research in these types of experiments is that they are conducted in the dark, whereas lighted conditions allow everyone present to witness events as they happen.