This is a haunted tale about the Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

I was hired back in 1993 as a night auditor for the hotel.  I have lived in this valley since 1978 and was always fascinated by this beautiful hotel.

My first night, I was being trained by this woman.  I took a break at around 2:30am in what was then called the Palm Room.  I kept hearing the sounds of a knife being chopped and sharpened.  I went to tell the women training me at the front desk area and she stated “Yes, that’s why I stay here.”

The next night a man was training me and again I went into the Palm Room for my break, and again, the same sounds but louder.  I went to tell the man and he came to check it out for himself.  The noise was very loud and sounded like it was coming from the kitchen area.  We decided to go and check it out as no one should be in that area.  The same chopping and sharpening was getting louder and seemed to be centered in the mid level of the room.   Upon the two of us entering the doorway and turning on the light, the noise traveled to the end of the room and out the wall.  What I felt at that time and still do is the very presence of evil.

I was now on my own the next time but I had decided to keep the doors to the Palm Room closed and the door to the front desk closed.  I would begin working and would hear a lot of loud noises coming from the kitchen.  I was hearing pots and pans, a whole cacophony of sounds.  I got mad and yelled “Get a life”.    

My next night, as I was sitting in the front desk area with all doors closed, I felt a breeze on the back of my neck.  I thought it odd because the ceiling fans were not on and I was not in a position where any forced air heating would come to where I was seated.  I felt that there was a presence in that I could see out of my side vision things appearing to move.  I did not feel it was the dead being in the kitchen area because I didn’t have that feeling of evil.  I had to stand up and work on the computer located at the front desk.  As I was working I felt something brush my back.  I turned around and discovered that my funny poltergeists had pushed the heavy display which was located on top of the safe off.  I just laughed and said “Ha, you missed me”

That was my last night as auditor.  I couldn’t work because I kept expecting all the ghosts of the Hotel Colorado to be at the front desk wanting to play with me.  I also was very afraid of the kitchen presence and I felt I needed to leave before the followed me home.    

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