Ghost in the new house?

I'm sure my experiences can be explained away with rational logic but for
what's it's worth I decided to share my brief story.  Besides, who's to say
believing that paranormal activity is not rational or the limited
'experiences' I had are not paranormal?

My family moved into a 1950's built home located in what is known as 'Old
Eastside', a year ago.  It is a comfortable neighborhood with many of the
homes on our street still occupied by the original owners when the houses
were custom built in the late 40's and 50's.  It is just my husband, myself,
and our daughter.  My daughter was two when we moved in.

After unpacking and filling the rooms with 'our personality' we were content
and thrilled to be finally renting a house with a huge yard for our

Good-bye to renting duplexes and sharing common walls!

One afternoon, not long after settling in the home, my daughter and I were
playing in her room.  She was riding her toy horse when she jumped off the
thing and into my arms clutching me with fear and telling me "out momma" and
crying.  She kept looking up into the corner of the ceiling.  I kept
following her gaze into the corner of the ceiling and did not see a thing.

did not leave the room with her right away.  I kept asking her what was
wrong but she was physically trying to make me stand up and back me out the door
while hugging me with a death grip.  I tried to get her to look at me but
she freaked when I tried to hold her in front of me to talk.  Being quite
freaked myself at that point I stood up and carried her out of her bedroom.  She
calmed down quickly after leaving her bedroom and she could not be coaxed
back in to play for the rest of the day.  Nor would she enter her room alone
for the longest time, one of us had to accompany her.

Our daughter has always been one to sleep the night through and in her own
bed.  Prior to, and after, the bedroom scare she began fighting us when it
was bedtime. She did not want to be put to bed in that room.  She would also
wake up in the middle of the night crying and end up coming to bed with us.
We attributed this change in behavior with adjusting to a new room and being
in the middle of the terrible twos.  After the bedroom incident I wasn't so

She settled down and got back into the nighttime routine and sleeps
comfortably in her room now.  It took a couple of months.

We've lived in the house almost a year now.  A few weeks ago my daughter and
I were in my bedroom reading a story when this loud machine, whirring noise
filled the house.  I left the room to investigate and my hand-held mixer had
been turned on and was vibrating across the kitchen counter.  I keep it
plugged in next to my bread machine and blender.  It's also the kind that
you have to push a recessed lever up - it's not like you can bump the thing and
it will turn on.  I was initially scared that someone had come in the back
screen door and turned it on for a distraction.  My dishwasher had been
running and was winding down, the hand-held mixer sits on the countertop
above it.  I don't believe the vibrations from the running dishwasher would
turn it on, it never has before and the lever is not loose.  I also don't
believe that because I had it plugged in there may have been an electrical
short or surge causing it to turn on.  That would not explain the lever
being clicked into place.  Not being mechanically inclined or an electrical whiz
I'm not sure if under the right circumstances it could turn on like
that....but I think it had help.

My husband and I never really talked about these incidents in depth.  I
think it pushed our comfort zone too much.  We were chit-chatting about it the
other night although I don't know how we got on the subject.  He usually
comes to bed much later than myself and shared with me that sometimes he
just feels like he's being watched.  There are times when I don't shut our
bedroom .

Thank You,
Amy Duke

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