Gettysburgh Ghost


I enjoy reading your site and thought I would share my ghost story with you and your readers. 

A few years ago my husband, son and I went to Gettysburg for a two day mini-vacation.  My son was especially interested in ghost hunting and we decided we would take him to the National Park after dark.  We thought our plans would have to be postponed until another trip because it rained most of the afternoon and evening.  When it finally stopped raining we had very little time left before the park closed but decided to take a quick drive into the park.  We especially wanted to see Spangler's Springs famous for the "Lady in White."  As we entered the park we found that we were alone.  I expected the park to be crowded with ghost hunters as it had during our other visits.  We realized the narrow roads and directional signs were unlighted which made finding our destination difficult.  When we finally arrived at Spangler's Springs we were alone.  Our original plans had been to walk around and take pictures--hoping to find the prized "orbs" but I began to feel uneasy.  For whatever reason I did not want to get out of the car.  I saw a light in the woods ahead of us and said to my husband, "What is that light?".  Well we figured out that it was only the relection of our headlights against a granite marker.  Then I looked behind us and saw a light that cast a bluish hue.  Well we could not explain that light.  By this time no one wanted to get out of the car.  It wasn't until a few hours later I would learn that my husband and son felt also uneasy.  I took a picture of the spring from the window of my car and we quickly left. 

Because I am not one to get my photos developed quickly (this was before digital cameras were popular) it was months before I made my way to Wal-Mart to have my photos developed.  I brought them home and began to look through them.  Most of my photos had many "orbs" that were in reality rain drops.  However when I got to the photo of the springs I stopped cold.  There in the photo is woman kneeling at the springs her hands folded in prayer.  She seems to be wearing a white dress and veil and she has dark shoulder length hair.  You can clearly see the granite stone marking the spring and the metal bar that carries the water--through the image of the woman.  We feel we have a picture of the "Lady in White" and although we did not see her that evening--we felt her presence and our camera somehow captured her image.