Dinosaur Tracks Monument Haunted?

  This happened in the nineties- about '96 and has been a puzzle ever since.
At that time I lived and worked in Lakewood.  I forget the name of the road but I think it was in Lakewood across from the land that used to be a ranch,  I think.  I do remember that as you approach the area where the dinosaur tracks are there is a small house on the right (immediately before the turn to the left up the hill) which house is/was the info center.  Across from this info center there was a small parking area, but most people parked on the hill. 
   One day a friend and I took lunch up to a small grassy area that was just past the tracks.  It was up a short,narrow,  sort of switch back trail.  Once up there we could sit in a fairly small area with trees and I believe there was some rocks to sit on.   The area was bordered by the sheer rocks where the tracks are and by a drop off to a valley below and then a bunch of trees or something that we couldn't go through- or didn't...
    My friend and I enjoyed our lunch and spoke at length about a spiritual crisis she was going through.  When we started heading back down the trail I was a little nervous anyway because I'm afraid of heights and the trail was narrow. (even though it was really only thirty or forty feet high!) Well, wouldn't you know it but a family started walking up the trail and I had to move over to the side. 
  There was (blonde)woman who looked like she was anywhere from 30-45 years old, two children and an older man followed by a weirdly attractive younger man.  ( I say weirdly because he was powerfully attractive although I don't know why and I had no business being attracted)  Well, I was praying for safety ( because of the height thing) and forgiveness (cause of this attraction thing) and feeling generally guilty because I hadn't wanted to move over to the side! 
   Then I started getting annoyed because the woman and children didn't even look at us- but they looked very tired and unhappy.  So, I was less annoyed after I thought about it for a second. When the older man approached I apologized that I hadn't moved over right away and said "I'm afraid of heights" He didn't look at me but nodded and otherwise kept moving up the trail, looking worried and tired.  Then the younger man went by and smiled at me and he didn't look half as worried or tired.  Then whew! we were finally down the hill.  My friend had moved over before me (she was ahead of me down the trail)    BTW- they were all dressed in sort of western garb, but I didn't think much off it- The woman wore a longish short of skirt and the children weren't wearing shorts or anything.   The older man was wearing some sort of old fashioned black pants, white shirt and maybe a black jacket, but I'm pretty sure he was bald or balding. 
    As soon as we got to the bottom of the trail -maybe 3 minutes at most -we turned left (at this point we had about 20 feet to walk and then began the chain link fence and all the parked cars )
But as soon as we started down the hill we saw,just passing the fence and cars coming up the hill was the same ?family we'd just passed!  
   I was confused to say the least!  I hurried to meet them and I said "Didn't we just see you?!" Again they just walked by without even acknowledging my presence- this time there was no sign from the elderly gentleman.  But the young man smiled and winked at me!!!!  I started to ask him more questions and turned around to follow them up the path to find out how they'd done that !  But my friend grabbed my arm and was in a nervous panic "I saw them too- don't go near them- they're evil!!!"   She practically dragged me down the hill and we leaned on the car across from the info center while I tried to reassure her that they probably weren't evil - but it was a mystery! She wouldn't go back up to look to see if there was any way they could have done that, that was reasonable.
   Later, however, I made several trips there and took different people up that way to see if they could figure it out, and they all said it wasn't possible.  If I'd been alone I would have thought I was hallucinating or something!
   Periodically through the years I've tried to find out if anyone else witnessed the same thing  or knew anything about a family that maybe once made the trip up that path- but could never find anything out.
  Why would we have seen them?  Do they need something?
   So whether it was a ghost sighting or not I don't know, but the event still, once in a while, haunts me.
   I would be very interesting in learning if anyone else ever saw the same thing there!

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