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  Denice Jones

Denice Jones is the founde of the L.I.F.E. Foundation
I am a Native of CT and have been helping others in some capacity for 23 years. It seems to be my calling in life. I worked in the geriatric field for some of those years. My son began at age 4 hearing and seeing Spirits it seemed my life would take another turn. I was up all night trying to stop the fear my children had and tried to figure out what was going on. After 15 years of dealing with things moving, seeing entities, and on and on I have realized this is my life, I must accept it. I have. My son has gifts, it is generational. I founded the LIFE Foundation many years ago as I realized many are in fear in their homes and felt alone as I was.

I have been to many states helping others in need as well as worked with many top Investigators in the US. There are some great ones out there! And I intend to help many more. The Foundation has helped thousands and thousands of families throughout the years, it is amazing as I thought I was alone years ago. I realize now no one is alone.

Can you give a brief history of the L.I.F.E. foundation and your background in the paranormal?
The LIFE Foundation, Inc. is a Non profit organization that refers families to Influential paranormal Investigators in their own City and State.  I Founded the Foundation over 10 years ago after my family had to deal with the paranormal on an every day basis. We located Investigators who wanted publicity only and were not in it to help us. And then demanded we sign papers so they can write a book about it or they would change our names and do it anyhow. It was then we not only needed real Investigators we needed an attorney as well. It took us a long time to find those Investigators in the first place as they were scarce. We did not own a computer at that time. I then I decided if I could help one family find decent help I would be happy.  By early 2000 the Foundation had helped thousands and thousand of families. I stopped counting near 7500. And to think we thought we were alone. In 1997 I also studied so to speak with John Zaffis for many years as well as many influential Investigators in the field. Many families would ask me to come when I referred Investigators to go to their home. They were in a chaotic state and became close to me as I knew what they were going through. I went. I traveled to many states to help families throughout the years. I realized what I was meant to be doing. I took my own experience and wrote my book "The Other Side". The publishers changed a few things, I was not happy I vowed the next book I will not let that happen. My Mother was thrown down the stairs not my mother-in-law. And we know who hit my son's friend it was NOT the black car. Although my son had seen this black car that would vanish from time to time. My son is a very gifted individual and the dead is not all he sees. They added it in with the other tragedy. There was no need for that. I am now traveling and helping families as well as referring cases to many organizations in the US and Other countries. I am currently working on the sequel to The Other side. I have a few shows coming up in the spring as well as one series that are in the works that will allow Investigators who are aboard the LIFE Foundation to tape a show of a case or haunted area. A different state each week. This is being proposed in LA in March 07. We are a Non profit organization Incorporated. We work on donations and do not charge.
Do you think that the new interest in ?Ghost Hunting? In the media (Ghost Hunters, Most Haunted, etc?) has had a positive or negative influence on the general public.
Well, it has had both negative and positive effects on the field. I think Ghost hunters is a wonderful show, Jason and Grant are down to earth guys. I used to send them cases before the show came out. Now they send some to me. They have opened the doors further to the paranormal world. This is something that was needed. When I was recording shows there were many closed minded people. The doors were SHUT. I think those who were afraid to admit the paranormal at that time admits to it now do to the shows. There are also many who want to be Investigators do to the shows on TV this is good and bad. As some think it is a game, something cool and fun to do, it is not. This bothers me as after they go in to a home and take pictures and leave and then another group has to go in to help the family. This hurts the field. There are some however new to the field that will be an asset to the field. I have met many and was quite happy with their approach. So you cannot say all new to the field is hurting it. So as in all aspects of life you have the good and the bad. So I think the shows on TV have had both positive and negative but you will have that with anything in life. I think it is the people not the shows. But the shows have helped many loose their fears in talking about the Paranormal. Before it was a hush, hush thing only spoken in their homes. Now they will bring it up in public.
What would you recommend to someone that is looking for help with a situation that they are having?
That would depend on the situation. Now if I get a case in any of the 50 states or other countries I would contact someone in my files that will be perfect for that case and situation and they would contact the family and help. As I said before there have been many times where I would become close helping a family receive help and they would ask me to come as well as when you are in a chaotic state dealing with the paranormal trust is a big thing for them. And having gone through it myself I understand that and try to ease their fears. It can be quite scary to them. I think as there are so many groups out there now the families need to really speak to an Investigator and get to know them, feel comfortable with them and gain that trust. Just like you would with a doctor or lawyer.  I would hope they also looked for logic in whatever is happening as well as sometimes noisy pipes could be the banging they hear or the noises in the wall would be a rat or squirrel looking for cover and heat. If all cannot be explained seek help. Do not be afraid there are many who will help. Document everything when it started, what is going on and so forth as when an investigator comes in you will have this information ready as when you are nervous you forget some stuff. Documenting it all yourself after it happens is very helpful to all involved.
What would you recommend to someone to check the credibility of a group that they are looking into using?
Lately the credibility of a group can be difficult to check.  I have seen many groups add years on their sites about how long they have been in the work and so on. To me that is quite scary. I would look at their age, read the cases they have been to. Their mission statements on their sites.  I would also see their links and ask about them. And speak to them themselves and ask questions. Why they are in the work and so on. Get to know them if you feel comfortable that's half the battle.
Do you have any new books in the works?
I do have a few books in the works. I am working on the Sequel to The Other side as what happened after that book was written was extreme to my son and family. My son had many new gifts as he would astral travel anytime he relaxed as well as having visions and seeing some incredible things. He also lost his fears at 17. I am also working on a book to help parents understand what their children are going through and advice to help them as well.
 What do you feel is the most important tool for ghost hunting?
The most important tool I feel is compassion, understanding and helping others. Without that you should not be in this field.
What would you recommend to someone who wants to get into the field of paranormal research?
I would have to say if they go into a haunting and do not understand or know what to do ask for help and advice. There are many in this field who have been in it for many years who would respect any new Investigator asking for help and or advice then not if needed. This does not mean you are not good. There is no one in this field who has all the answers. Maybe more experience and knowledge on more situations, ask them. They will help they have not lasted this long for not helping! Someday some will come to them and ask for help.
What do you think is the most effective way to either cope or rid people of this type of phenomena?
I think believing in a higher power helps. There are certain situations where if a spirit won't leave it won't. They need to know it is not their home anymore. They need to be told. I always found a blessing of the home helps in most cases. It most definitely varies on the situation in the home on how to cope.
When people believe that they are having paranormal issues, but are actually misinterpreting natural events how do you feel that this is best explained to the people involved?
By telling them upfront. They need to know, many are relieved and extremely happy. There are some however who do get upset as they want it so bad. I always say be careful in what you wish for. You may get it! In this day and age some thin k everything is the Paranormal. Or they want to see those that are in the Media. I had one woman who was in dire need of Psychiatric help. She was off her meds as she did not want to take them. And refused to see the doctor. She told me at least ten different situations on what was going on in her home. If any of them were true she would have been living in Hell itself. My flags went up. Her family contacted me and said she wanted Jason from Ghost hunters, she thought she was to marry him as her voices said she would. Needless to say she received the psychiatric help she needed. Just the other month I traveled over 1300 miles to a home in which the family told everyone their son was seeing ghost. Speaking to the family and the boy himself in 1/2 hours time I found out the mother wanted to be associated with the spirit world so much she scared the son into going along with it. This was the only time she did not beat her son and I mean beat him bad, he was scared and wanted mom happy. So he said he saw the dead. This was also taken care of with authorities. So to me the best way to tell someone would be to be upfront and honest and firm when need be.
What is your take on the use of psychics during an investigation?
I know many Psychics in the work and they could be a great tool. There are many who claim to be psychic as well.  I am sensitive I can feel them I have seen a few spirits at times but not everyday. I do see the flashes of lights everyday while relaxed watching TV. I am NOT like my son who sees, hears, and feels them everyday. I brought him on his first case not that long ago it was a family friend and he pointed out where the spirits were and when I snapped a picture there was spirit energy where he pointed. If someone is sensitive and they want to help then go for it. In order to find a great psychic you will need to research. I have done this and found a few real good psychics. John Holland is a great psychic medium and a real down to earth guy. I visited him in his hometown and had lunch he amazed me. There is another psychic that no one has ever heard about, her name is Elizabeth. She lives in Florida. This woman amazed me one evening. I was looking for my vitamins and could not find them anywhere. My husbands Mother, Father and Brother's Urns are in my dining room. (I know he needs to let go) I moved my Mother In law's Urn and said excuse me mom I am looking for my vitamins. I had no luck and asked Mom to help me find them. That was that never found them. And I gave up. That night my phone rings and it was Elizabeth. She said to me there is a woman who won't leave her alone until she contacted me, her name is Meda ( very hard name to guess ) she continued and said Meda wanted her to tell me to go buy the vitamins as they are cheap. There was no way this woman could have known these things. This is one woman who should be out there and is not. And then you have some who are out there and should NOT! I think if a psychic is good at what they do they can be one heck of a tool for you. They can help cross one over I think the easiest way to rid of a spirit. A real psychic medium can do this. Again like everyone and everything you have the good and the bad out there. I have never had an issue with a psychic, they are people too. :)