Alamosa Ghost

I have recently discovered your website and was immediately compelled to write
you my story as i have not come across many ghost stories involving the state
of colorado much less the area that i am familer to which is the san luis
valley.  Let me assure you that everything that i have encountered in my
lifetime is true, it has not been falsified or exaggerated in any way although
some things are pretty hard to believe even for myself.  I will not bore you
with a long drawn out story (at this time)however i would like to start with
the first event that ever happened to me.  I am a 30 year old women and to this
day i still remember it like it was yesterday.  When i was a little girl(7 yrs
old) my favorite aunt and uncle moved from Los Angeles (where i grew up) to a
small towm in Alamosa, CO.  This town being very little in size and population
was mostley populated by family members or long time friends of the family
being that this is the town in which my grandmother and grandfather grew up in,
married, and started a family.  On one perticular visit, my grandmother and her
bother wanted to go and visit thier grandmother who was buried in the local
cemetery.  The cemetery itself was very old and very run down with hand made
head stones and even some very old wooded crosses.  My grandmother insisted
that i go with them as there would be no one to care for me at my uncles with
them gone.  So we went and upon arriving at the cemetery i new something just
wasn't right.  I felt sick and almost instantly started burning up with a
fever.  Being that it was daylight my grandmother instructed me to stay in the
car because they would not be there that long, anyways the car was in sight. 
Almost the second that they turned around to walk towards the grave i felt a
presence in the car with me, it was a very strong almost sufficating feeling. 
I remember thinking that i should have went with them anyways.  Moments later i
heard what was like a scatching on the top of the car and could hear the metal
popping then i felt a slight shaking of the car.  I could see my grandmother in
the distance and thought to myself "i'm gonna make a run for it" and i did.  As
soon as i felt the car shake i opened the car door and started to run towards
where they were standing.  They must have heard the door open and me run
because as soon as i started to run they both turned to look at me.  What
happened next and what they saw still haunts my dreams and is something that
haunted them as well.  At this moment everthing went into slow motion.  That's
how i felt it and saw it.  As i was running towards them they also started to
walk towards me obviously because i was in a panic but as i ran over a grave i
fell. Not foward like in the movies but straight down like if there was a sink
hole in the graves.  The scarey part is that my grandmother and uncle say it
looked like something grabbed me down.  And that is what i felt.  I felt like
many hands were grabbing my legs and pulling me into the ground.  And i fell
deeper and deeper in the hole.  The only thing that i could grab onto was a
half rotted headstone and i hung on for dear life.  At this point my
grandmother and uncle got to me and down on thier knees started to try and pull
me out but they couldn't they said if felt like something was pulling me down
as they tried to pull me up.  And this is what i felt like. Needless to say i
was hysterical, crying, yelling, and screaming for someone to help me.  At this
point i think i blacked out because the next thing i know i was laying on the
ground next to the hole with my grandmother and uncle looking over me.  As soon
as my eyes opened they said to one another "grab her and lets go".  At that
point i noticed that the bottoms of my pants were ripped to shredds and i had
blood and cuts everywhere on my legs.  We got home in a matter of minutes and i
was still pretty out of it. Mostly very confused and still very scared.  My
grandmother tended to my wounds and put me to sleep.  That was the end of it at
that time but we did come home early that year from vacation.  In later years i
asked my grandmother what happened at the cemetery that day.  How did they get
me out?  She told me that she was not sure that they were pulling and pulling
and i was falling deeper she called on the name of God to help them and to save
her baby and the next thing they new i flew out of the hole. I still to this
day have a few scares left on my legs and feet not as noticable as they use to
be but i can assure you that everytime i notice one i think about that day and
a wierd chill still goes up my back. 

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