As I was growing up,  I had a few experiences that I couldn't explain. It scared me to death. When I was 14, we went to a Bed and Breakfast called River Scene in Booneville, Missouri. I had heard stories of its haunted past through stories, but nothing could explain what I saw. I didn't believe in ghosts at the time. In the middle of the night I was having trouble sleeping because of the loud lighting outside and the strong rain hitting the roof above. When I got up to use the bathroom, I came out of the room that I was staying in, and looked over and there was a girl sitting in front of the fireplace.  I ran back into my room and threw the covers over my head. After a few hours of sleep, I woke up the next morning to tell everyone, and they looked at me like it was just a bad dream!. I knew that it was real because the night before I didn't sleep until after I saw the apparition. I was so convinced of what had happened that night that I was really excited to find out what it was. In my early 20's I would hear of places that were haunted and I would go out to see if the locations were really creditable. In May 2000, I finally found the proof that shadows do exist. My friend Tim and I were over at a friends house and he was telling us about a haunted house that he had been to in Milan, Missouri. When Tim and I decided that we wanted to go out and find it, we brought him along for the ride. When we got to the house our friend was in tears and didn't want to go anywhere near the house because of what he had seen. We went into the house and really didn't find anything but a book, and a room that looked like it had been through hell. My friend Tim decided that he wanted to take the book home to find out wha it was.  I found out later from researching the place that it was a place where a sadistic group used to warship. The next day we were watching football when he pulled the book out and decided he wanted to read it. The books cover had the title Nekronomicon. That night before we went to bed all we saw where shadows walking on the wall. We were not scared because it didn't seem like they wanted to hurt us. To us all the shadows were trying to do was guard the book. We disposed of the book a few days later, but nothing will ever explain the shadows on the wall.