Justin's Black Shadow

I was 15 when I met Justin he was my first boyfriend who I was completely obsessed with. I always wanted to be with him and him with me but us being so young he had to move away to NY from Ma and we sort of lost touch. I called him about 5 years latter to say hi I was pregnate with my daughter and he seemed not too inpressed. He had asked if I seen the movie romeo and juliette and I replied no. He said he always thought of me when he seen that movie. His last words to me on the phone was ''Well have a good life.'' I had moved on with my life and thought of him on ocasion. One day I was driving by exit 7 and saw a black shaddow of a man walking across the highway it was unlike anything I had ever seen before.Then it just dissapeared. I could only think that some one was trying to tell me something. I thought 7s hmm what could it possibly be? 7-7-07 maybe something bad will happen on this date. Months had passed and the date had passed with nothing bad happening so I shrugg ed off what had happened and tried to forget about it until strange things kept hapening over and over as if someone was trying to tell me something.I kept seeing black shaddows out of the corner of my eyes. I had a strange bird that kept banging on my windows (upstairs and down)my alarm clock would go off when it was never set I'd get up to shut it off and it would go off as soon as I held it in my hand.  I bought a new one and it sounded when it wasn't even plugged in me and my husbnd said there has to be batterys in this thing so we took a screw driver and took it apart and there was nothing we were very freeked out and the strangest was one night I awoke about 2 or 3 am to use the bathroom and as I was sitting on the toilet there was a round light on the wall. I was staring at it (there was a nightlight in the bathroom) as I was staring it started to move up the wall slowly and acrosst the celing then disapeared when it hit the edge of the celing. I was nervous and awoke m y husband he said everything was fine and we went to bed. As I was laying on my back almost asleep I felt something ontop of my body almost like swirling wind but there was no fan on in the room.My body was paralized. It was a very peacful feeling and very familiar. I new it was a spirit but I could only think of my grandfather who had passed. Imediately I new it wasnt him by the feeling I had it was much too intimate and I was not very close to my grandfather anyhow. As I was completely awake I just fell asleep. This happened on Nov 5 2007. From then on I started thinking of Justin uncontrolably. Driving, when I awoke in the morning constantly thinking wow I wonder why I keep thinking about him and I wonder how hes doing? Then on May 13th 2 days before his 28th birthday I decided I was going to look him up to say hi. I typed his name online and learned he died in a terrible fall from a building. My heart ached as I put together the pieces of what had been happening to me. Then I learned that justin died on 7-7-07 at the age of 27. What hurts me even more is that in the picture they had in the news paper of him I looked in the backround and saw he was standing in a parking lot just 2 minutes from where I live. He had lived in the same town as me at one point and I never knew it. That day I found out I cried and kept smelling the scent of roses.I now know it was Justin trying to tell me he had passed.. God bless you Justin