Greenwood Villiage Ghost

I lived in the Tech Center area of Denver from 2001 -2002 and then later moved to Parker until 2004.  I lived alone during this time.  The one year that I lived in Greenwood Village - I lived in an apartment off of Araphaho and had some very strange things happen while I lived there.  I was often awakened in the middle of the night by a man's voice really close speaking in my ear (like he was right beside me in the bed).  He would never say anything substantial - but would say things like "What are you doing?".  I am a very heavy sleeper - and these occurrences would wake me instantly from sleep.  At the time I attributed it to "dreams" (to make myself feel better) but knew that I was not dreaming - I was being awakened by a voice next to my ear.   It would terrify me each time.  I finally started noticing that things were being moved at night in my apartment - like I would go to bed and leave things arranged a certain way and then wake up the next morning to things being moved.  Again, I sort of chalked it up to "maybe I am going crazy".  Finally, the event that made things much more certain that I was not alone was one evening before going to bed, I had taken my jewelry off in the bathroom and left it laying on the counter by the sink.  When I woke up the next morning, my necklace had been taken and intertwined through the bristles of my hairbrush.  There was no way for me to explain this one !! 
I never felt a presence or uncomfortable otherwise in the apartment - but at this time, I really spent a limited amount of time there.  I was out of town with work every week and only home sporatically on the weekends. 
I am interested in any other similar cases that could be in this same area of Arapaho Road.  I hesitate to mention the apartments or the apartment number as I don't want to give them bad press.
I now live in Georgia.

Thanks -