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The Bedroom Ghost.


Following is an story as related to our group.  It takes place in Alamosa Colorado.  The couple moved into the house in 1993. There was no activity in the house until this past year. The occurrences described here began shortly after their son turned 2 years old.
The mother and father of Jay sat in the living room watching television. Jay, their only child was alone playing in his newly renovated bedroom that shared a common wall with the living room. The parents heard Jay playing and moving his toys and as they tuned into his activities they realized that what was occurring was not childhood prattle but a definite conversation. John smiled at his wife and shouted to Jay,Hey who you playing with After a moment of silence they heard the reply ìA little girl. The parents overcome with curiosity walked into his bedroom to find Jay seated in the middle of his floor alone.
  Active childhood imagination? Probably an imaginary friend. A couple of days later shortly after midnight the parents were awakened by the sound of the toy telephone being played with in Jay"s room. They arose and walked down the hallway to put the boy back to bed. To their surprise the lights were out in his room. When the lights were flipped on the room was empty. A quick dash to the living room found the boy fast asleep on the couch. From that day forward Jay would not sleep in his bedroom. He now wanders out into the living room and sleeps on the couch every night. When asked by his parents about this behavior his reply is because of monsters.
 Due to this situation the parents became much more aware of the atmosphere in the house. They tried to determine what could be frightening their son or perhaps coincidentally, the activities started to escalate at this time. Several friends reported that they noticed strange shadows in motion out of the corner of their eyes. They also said they felt uncomfortable in the little boy's room. None of the neighbor kids would sleep in that room during sleepovers.
 Judy, the mother, started to have nightmares. She would dream that there were strange shadows floating around her bed. She would wake John up by screaming there at the bottom of the bed, John would jump out of bed and look around. Seeing nothing he would look back at his wife whose eyes were wide open, she was shaking with fear. She explained that there were two shadowy figures. They did not do anything threatening to her but she was afraid of them. These nighttime incidents have been repeated periodically ever since then.
 John seemed to be immune to these spirits until one night when he was initiated into the club of ghostly encounters. He always sleeps on his side with his face turned towards the doorway. He doesn't recall why he woke up he just sensed something, something that made him uncomfortable. He opened his eyes and there a few inches from his face was the face of a little girl. John was momentarily frozen when the apparition vanished.

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