A Ghost at the Bar

I work in a bar called the Farside Lounge in Colorado Springs, Just your friendly neighborhood place to go.
 About a year ago a regular of our came in and said one of his tenants had passed and wanted to bring us some of her stuff because we have a lot of different kinds of occasions so of course we wanted it,
 He also offered information that this girl Michelle was actually a Michael and he never knew it.
   So he brings in a few boxes with costumes and silk flowers and odds and ends,
  Things here and there occur like the flowers end up on he floor and I would pick them up or the owner would pick them or the case of Chalada beer was in the bottom of the big walk in cooler upside down on the floor,I would pick it up or the owner was,  but we were not telling each other this was going on.
   The beer is in aluminum cans so if they would have fallen to the floor they would have dented but they never did.
   So I decided one day maybe (Michelle) would be happy if I used all the flowers in something so I made garland out of them and we hung them for luau,
    Everything is good until Christmas,
The gentleman who brought in all the stuff was sitting iatthe bar with the owner on Christmas night just talking angrily to the chair next to him (they were the only two there) The owner walked out to her car and then back in and he was shouting at the chair GET OFF MY BACK! She asked jokingly Who is on your back? He said he didn't know if it was a he or a she,
   We have a DVR system so I told her maybe we should look and see who he was talking to, SO she looked it up and it was shocking to see the chair spun around and ended up facing straight at the bar as she was getting ready to close,No one was around it,
    Times goes on and lil things here and there happen until just about a month ago on a Friday night someone put their pool stick case on the bar at a bit of an angle no one is near it and the bartender was walking behind the bar to pour a beer and out the corner of her eye she saw it move so she told the owner at the time it happened and she looked it up on the tape and the darn thing moved by itself and it moved completely flush with the lip of the bar BY ITSELF!
    So after seeing this on Monday I was just joking around and the sugar bowl was on the bar and I said Move the sugar bowl for me...It didn't move but the television turned up in volume from 19 to 28! No one was there but myself the owner and her boyfriend and none of us were near a remote or the television.
     I would say maybe we are on the lookout more but we have noticed quite a bit going on in the past 3 weeks or so. Like a brandy snifter that sits very high on a shelf tipped over or the countless mentions of catching something out the corner of your eye,,,
  Not knowing if it is (Michelle) or not because there have been a few we have lost in the past couple of years we asked a couple people that knew her,
    She passed suddenly for her transgender operation and we do try to incorporate her things into the parties we have there to make her happy.
  What makes us wonder is the owner checks the security tapes here and there during closing hours and there's orbs usually by the pool tables we cannot say that they are not dust but there is no one there to stir things up and the heaters and such are not on so maybe they are having a party when the lights go out???